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Capt. Jacques Sparrow

SparrowPanthers coach/GM Jacques Martin is nowhere near the Caribbean, and it's too early to figure out if he's much of a pirate when it comes to his GM duties.

JM has only swung a few deals since taking over when Mike Keenan "resigned" as GM last September. One deal was sending Todd Bertuzzi to Detroit for a conditional (second round) draft pick and prospect Todd Mathias. Jury is out on that one (FLA could also get a second pick if Bert re-ups with the Wings), but since Todd had not played since October and was an UFA at season's end, OK.

JM also sent Ric Jackman west to Anaheim for a conditional (now a sixth round) pick, and since Jackman wasn't playing much, JM gets a passing grade on this one too.

JM's biggest deal so far was trading Gary Roberts (also a UFA) to Pittsburgh for D prospect Noah Welch. Time will tell, but JM got something in return for a player who desperately wanted to play in the postseason and was walking after the season. Again, pass him.

Florida's GM is currently in Vancouver scouting out the Memorial Cup and working on Florida's plan for the offseason. Surely (don't call me Shirley) they are looking for a goalie. Surely the Panthers have been paying attention to the guy in net for the Ducks. Of course, Vancouver has a pretty good goalie. Maybe JM's talking to him? Ha!

-- Spoke at length today with JM, one question broached was whether the Panthers were in talks with Ottawa last year during the Roberto Luongo 'Let's Make a Deal-athon." JM says he's the wrong guy to ask. "I wasn't the GM at the time.'' Luongo ended up in Vancouver and Ottawa ended up keeping Ray Emery -- who has helped lead the Sens to the Stanley Cup Finals by losing just three games in 15 postseason starts.

-- JM also spoke about Jay Bouwmeester's hip surgery (not major), how he's rooting for his former players and organization in the SC Final and that he's happy how the Todd Bertuzzi trade (the second one, not necessarily the first one) worked out.

More on that in tomorrow's Miami Herald.

-- OK, here are some quotes -- About the Sens: "I feel good about where the organization is, where the team is because I was part of that for nine years. It’s good to see them continue and succeed. You have to move on it professional sports. The challenge now is to build our organization to have the same kind of success Ottawa has. You want to be in the playoffs every year, have a chance to win the Cup every year. We want that here.’’

About JayBo: “After several exams and several treatment options, he still some persistent pain. He went home (to Edmonton) and started working out. It was uncomfortable. We felt we should act now and not wait and find out in October he needs surgery and would miss a few months. It’s nothing major. He played with it at end of the season.’’

-- No hockey until Monday night. Great.