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Goalie Feels Bad

MannyfernandezMinnesota goalie Manny Fernandez, who may or may not have been a key part of the Dolphins' perfect season in 1972, expects to be traded this summer.

There have been reports the Panthers are interested, but I'm hearing Fernandez's cost ($9.25 mil over two years) is too much for the Panthers to take (not because they're being cheap, they just don't think Mr. Fernandez -- who has had knee problems but hasn't had surgery -- is worth that kind of jingle.)

Anywho, Fernandez talked to the Pioneer Press' Brian Murphy on Tuesday in a story which can be found here: YOU LIKE MINNYSOTA, NO?

In the piece, Fernandez says he doesn't think he's gotten much support from the Wild.

THIS COMMENT COMES FROM A READER: Or, the Panthers might consider a deal with the Wild where the Panthers are rewarded for taking a "bad contract" off the Wild's hands. Something along the lines of Fernandez and the Wild's 1st rd pick for Alex Auld.

FROM G: This is a pretty interesting thought, especially since the Wild won't find many bidders under the current situation. Manny just makes too much money for the uncertainty of the play. I think to get rid of his contract, they are going to have to sweeten the pot a tad. Whether the Panthers take the bait or not remains to be seen. And Auld would have to be resigned by the Panthers before he could be traded. The Panthers have to qualify him.