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Canada's Team?

TimhortonsWord on the street is that while the Ottawa Senators reside in their nation's capital and happen to be the last Canadian NHL team standing, many Canadians refuse to root for them in this Stanley Cup Final.

To me, that makes a lot of sense.

I found it strange last year to see all these diehard Calgary fans suddenly pulling for rival Edmonton only because that team was based in Canada. Suddenly you don't hate that team anymore? Beaver

Kind of reminds me of college athletics. I found it strange to see Tennessee fans rooting for Florida, or Gator fans rooting for Georgia for the "good of the SEC." Really? Dude, if I dislike your school, I'm not rooting for it in the postseason just because we're related by way of conference affiliation. I'm still rooting against you.

So, good for those Toronto fans who refuse to root on the Senators; salutations to the fans of the Montreal Canadians who ain't impressed by Bryan Murray's bunch and will cheer on Anaheim. If fans in Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton want to root on the Sens, go for it. Those teams never play Ottawa so what the heck.

Bobdoug In the same regard, somewhat, I wonder how many Florida fans rooted for Tampa Bay in 2004 "for the good of the Sunshine State." I'm thinking not many. Carolina in 2006? Don't really know.

But I'm thinking if Ottawa wins a couple early games in this series and it looks like Stanley's coming home, fans from around Canada will warm to the idea of the Sens winning it all.

After all, Ottawa is a Canadian city. And hockey is Canada's game. Michaeljfox_2

Why can't they all just get along?