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Lord Stanley in Beantown?

DennycraneWord on the street is some whackjob lawyer in Boston hoisted the Stanley Cup so he could put his name on it alongside those Boston Bruins who actually won the chalice back in 1970.

The NHL doesn't seem to be too concerned about the hijacking of the Cup.

In fact, they've been bragging about its disappearance.

That's because the Boston lawyer is none other than Denny Crane, the guy who looks a lot like an older Captain Kirk and/or the Priceline.com guy. Anyway, seems the Cup is OK. Cooler heads prevailed, and that's a good thing.

Denny Crane.

(*) -- The previous post was refering to the Stanley Cup's appearence on Tuesday's episode of Boston Legal. I missed the episode because I watching Anaheim/Detroit and plum forgot about it. Will catch it during reruns this summer. I like Boston Legal. And Priceline.com.

-- As promised, here are some quotes from Tuesday's Cats Cookout.

PS: JM says Martin Gelinas has still not indicated what he wants to do next year, but the Panthers want him back for a third season in Sunrise.

NATHAN HORTON: "We're going to have a good season next year. Half the team is still here and working out, so that's exciting to be around. We need to start at the beginning. We've started way to late and it's cost us the playoffs. Everyone is going to come in on top shape and ready to go from the start. We have a good team. We're going to start and not look back."

On his impending contract status: "I don't deal with that stuff. My agent and the team deal with all that. I'm just trying to make myself better and be the best I can. I want to stay here. It's so much fun. This is going to be the place to be in the next few years.''

STEPHEN WEISS: "We have to come into camp with a chip on our shoulder. I hope everyone is upset. That is a key to us. We have to be upset right away and play like that early. We can't wait a couple months to play the way we do in the second half of the season. We have to come out and be angry early, get over that hump early.''

BILL LINDSAY (on '96 reunion): "It feels like that run of ours was just yesterday. It's something I'll always have with me. It was a special time. To start a franchise the way we did -- we were the fastest expansion team to the Finals, we had the most points of any first-year team - was pretty special. We hit some lofty goals early. To go through that with those guys made it special.''