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Someone Step on a Duck?

DuckShocking news out of Southern California: The Los Angeles Times is reporting the Ducks' recent success hasn't really gripped the region the way a long playoff run by the Dodgers, Lakers -- even the Angels -- would have.

The Times says a visit to sports bars around the Honda Center in Anaheim one recent night had "patrons wore baseball caps and basketball jerseys. There wasn't a Ducks hat or shirt in sight.''

Here's a quote: "The Angels are much more popular … even now," said David Robertson, sitting at the bar.

To read the entire story, click here: LA TIMES 'JUST DUCKY'

Of course, that could just be the snooty view from Los Angeles. Down in the O.C., there's talk about Cup hysteria and just general craziness.

Dan Wood of the Orange County Register writes on his blog that Anaheim has proven to be quite the hockey market. The Honda Center is sold out for the Cup Finals (and has been for a while). Here's Dan's take on it from the mean streets of Anaheim: BLOGGIN DUCKS