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A New Goalie

Tomas The Panthers have apparently swung a deal to grab Nashville All-Star Tomas Vokoun.

Still wading through the rumors, but this can't be anything but good for the Panthers. The big price was next year's first round pick, but whatever.

You lose Roberto, you gain Vokoun. Not too shabby.

Sure, the price was steep, but it was the right move to make. You have to think JM did quite a nice job with this one. He didn't panic, stayed cool throughout the deal -- and didn't get desperate and go to Minnesota for Manny Fernandez.

As always, post your comments below. As bad as last year's draft was for the Panthers, this one suddenly just perked up.

Here's what the Cats give up: A first round pick in 2008; a second round pick tomorrow and a secondary second-round pick either tomorrow or in 2008. Vokoun is signed for the next four seasons, making $5.5 million in 2007-08 with an escalating contract that maxes at $6.3 mil in 2010-11.


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What an unbelievable job my Martin. Vokoun is an ELITE netminder. Every bit as good as Luongo. The only downside with him is his questionable durability.


This is incredible news! A great goalie that will look and do great in behind our defense. I'm ecstatic! WOO-HOO!!!

Awesome trade.


This CanadianPantherFan cannot believe it!


Holy smokes, we've got an all-star caliber goalie again! Martin, you are BRILLIANT!!! I'm so psyched for next year! WOOOHOO! Vokoun is the guy I wanted over all the mentioned/rumoured names: Toskala, Bryz, Fernandez, Mason, etc. He's playoff experienced stud goalie than can be a game changer. OMG, I'm still so pumped, I can hardly believe this!

I <3 JM!

Great job JM!!!!! IM impressed!!!!!!!!! now add kozlov or similiar and we not only make the playoffs, but go deep!!!!!!

This isn't the same Panthers we've seen in the past. We've now gone out and signed our top forward, our number two defenseman and in the next week or two Weiss and Bouw to long term deals. AND NOW!!!! we got F(*$(*@)*$# Vokoun!!! Holy shnickies!!!! We are legit! I can change my name, stop complaining about ownership and management and start cheering for a playoff team!!! Tough schedule off the bad but if we get off to a good start we're in the Playoffs guarenteed!!!

This was definetely the right move. We are set at goal. I hear he is a super "character" guy as well. Won't try to be a goalie/GM like Luongo. We also got Central Scouting's highest ranked defenceman...Ellerby. Super day yesterday. Now...trade Montador back to the Flames for Huselius and JM will truly be a magician.


Great trade. Stoked to have Vokoun in goal next year. Best idea is to bring Auld back as the back up because he has the experience to step in just in case Vokoun starts to break down health wise. I am dissapointed in losing a 1st round pick just because I have a personal policy of never trading 1st round picks but for a good to great goalie like Vokoun I can deal with it. Do you know if there will be a press conference to introduce Vokoun?

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