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Draft Day, Baby

Dscn0582 The 2007 NHL Draft is about to kick off here in beautiful Columbus and the Blue Jackets' cool new arena.

There should be a lot of news coming out of here as the day goes on, and I'll be updating this post throughout the day/evening.

I'll also be posting some photos here, such as the one at left. I'm not a professional photographer, although since The Herald is paying me to be here and I am taking pictures, maybe I am. So there you have it. Lets see how this goes.

Since this will be the post that gets updated, if you want to see the newest info, just hit your refresh button. It may not be as refreshing as a dip in the pool after a round of golf, but it'll have to do.

-- Former Florida winger Gary Roberts is sticking around in Pittsburgh, so says Dave Molinari of the Post-Gazette. Roberts has signed a one-year deal with the Pens for $2.6 million (he made $2.25 last year). Mark Recchi also resigned with the team. Read Dave's stuff here: PITTSBURGH AIN'T NO CLEVELAND BUT IT'S OK