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New Jersey

JerseyAs most know, NHL teams will be sporting a new look next season as Reebok redoes all the uniforms for the league's 30 teams.

The Panthers will get a new look as well.

Only it'll be a while before anyone gets to see the new look publicly.

I'm being told the Panthers will not unveil their new jerseys at this weekend's draft in Columbus as some fans had hoped. Posting a potential new look for the Canucks stirred up quite a few of you as my email in-box filled up quite a bit because of this subject.

From what I'm hearing, only a few teams -- the host Blue Jackets, Washington and perhaps Boston -- will be unveiling a new jersey this weekend. Everyone else must wait. The Panthers have said not much is changing on the uniforms, and the last official word came from Michael Yormark at the All-Star Game in Dallas. Here's what I wrote way back then:

The Panthers will also have a new look next season, the first real update since the team’s inception in 1993. Like each team in the league, Florida will only have two jerseys next year because of the Reebok redesign. The Panthers will get rid of their original red jersey at least for the time being.

“We’ve made changes,’’ Yormark said. “It’s a much more contemporary look. The look is going to be different from what we have now. We’re pretty excited about it.’’

The away jersey will still be white, but red will be the predominant secondary color; the home jersey remains blue, with yellow as the main accent. Yormark says horizontal stripes are out and vertical stripes are in. The leaping Panther logo on the chest will be larger and more dynamic.

Word is, Florida will likely not unveil its new jersey design until September when Reebok has had a chance to supply the team with them.