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Off The Market (Updated 6/11/07)

SoldScratch Minnesota goalie Niklas Backstrom off the Panthers wish list as the 29-year-old Helsinki native signed a multi-year deal to stick it out with the Wild.

The Panthers are said to be shopping for a new No. 1 goalie, and Backstrom was in their sights. I'm hearing the Panthers are going to make a push for Anaheim goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere, but secretly hope the newly minted Stanley Cup champion re-signs with the Ducks before he hits the market so as not to seriouly get involved in the expected bidding war.

With Backstrom resigned, the Wild may look at dealing off Manny Fernandez and the two years, $8.6-plus million that comes with him. Florida is also expected to look to San Jose and try and snag Vesa Toskala. Florida could also look for a European goalie, or just bring back Ed Belfour and either Craig Anderson or Alex Auld for another season.

From what I'm hearing, the Panthers don't want to commit the $6-plus million per year it's likely going to take to get Giguere. The Panthers -- as are many teams -- are expecting Giguere to resign with the Ducks anyway, making the courtship of him moot.

As far as what was written here about the Panthers entering the final year of revenue sharing, well, that wasn't factually correct. The Panthers can get revenue sharing for the entire six-year run of the current CBA if they meet certain conditions, I'm told, but they would like to get out from under the revenue sharing umbrella by jumping into the second tier of the league in revenues (the bottom 10 teams in the league receive money from the top 10 teams while the middle 10 don't receive nor contribute.)

That said, I still don't see the Panthers having a payroll at the cap ceiling this year -- no matter where that ceiling is.


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someone needs to tell cohen that if he wants to increase the size of his wallet - all he has to do is make the damn playoffs. ask harry samueli how much dough one could make in the extra season.

do what you have to do to make the playoffs and stop worrying about your damn pocketbook. if the pricetag on giguere is reasonable, go for it. if he's going to get $7+mil...that's when you back off for hockey reasons (can't commit that much to a very good, but not elite netminder).

I am one season ticket holder that promises if they stay with this sad group of goalies, i will not renew...

seriously build a winning team for once...how can you expect to have a winning team if you plan on not spending money for it.

Now is when the Panthers are really going to pay for not winning for so many years. A already weak fan base isn't going to tolerate financial excuses for not signing top players. If the Cats could have been stable enough in the front office for a just few years...

A day late and a dollar short as they say.

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