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Oh Boy

KeenanWas driving north on I-75 just about to pass into the great state of Georgia Wednesday night when I got a phone call.

"Are you sitting down,'' my friend (we'll call him Steve) asks. "Why yes," I reply. "I'm driving.''

Before Steve asks where I'm at, he explodes with the news that Canada's TSN is reporting the Mike Keenan is getting back into the NHL. Sources (or just simply, Mike Keenan) told TSN that Keenan is going to be the next coach of the Calgary Flames.

My call: Good for the Flames. This is a team that needs a stiff kick to the rear, and Mike Keenan might just be the guy to do it. Sure, no one expects him to stay there forever but expect his time in Calgary to be colorful. That's what sources are telling me, anyway.

As far as coaching goes, Keenan is big on getting veteran guys to play his way. Problem is, if he starts rubbing people the wrong way and loses GM Darryl Sutter, there's the door. Keenan has won and lost his share of power struggles, and has to know he isn't going to win one with Sutter. But the two have a long history together, so one has to think Darryl knows what he's getting in Keenan. If the underachieving Flames play well, this is going to be fun. Keenan, with a winning team, is going to be a hit in Calgary.

And guess who the Panthers open the preseason against? Yup, Mike Keenan's Calgary Flames.

And guess which division visits Sunrise this year? Yup, the Northwest.

That means a visit by not only Iron Mike, Jarome Iginla and the Flames, but Roberto Luongo and Vancouver's Fighting Luongos as well. Hope the NHL spreads those two out. Can you imagine Roberto running into Mike in the hotel lobby or heading to the pool?

If it happens, I hope I'm there.