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Going Back in Time

Future At least Radek Dvorak won't have to go far for the Panthers' 1996 reunion.

Sunday, the Panthers signed the former Panther to a two-year deal. Terms coming as soon as Dvorak's agent tells TSN what they were.

Dvorak, 30, played with the Panthers from 1995-99. He made his debutDvorak with the Panthers in 1995 and stayed with the team until being traded to the Rangers.

Dvorak has played in 11 seasons with the Cats, Rangers, Oilers and Blues. Last year, his first with St. Louis, Dvorak scored 10 goals with 27 assists in 82 games. In 828 games, Dvorak has 171 goals with 278 assists.

-- According to the Panthers, both Dvorak and Zednik are in Europe and won't be available for comment today. We'll get quotes from both sometime Monday. We'll be getting McLean in a little bit after we talk to Jackie. Will post some quotes from both in a bit.

-- Oh, also hear the TSN rumor that Olli Jokinen might be headed to Calgary is completely unfounded. Sounds like old Mike is trying to stir some things up.

UPDATE: "I would like to know where they get this stuff,'' Jacques said. "It must be someone in an office somewhere.'' When I joked that the office may be in Calgary, Jacques laughed. "My old buddy, eh?"

-- Big news out of Philly is that Danny Briere is joining the Flyers. Boy, they sure didn't like sucking did they? The Flyers are look like the kings of this offseason. They have reloaded and rebounded quite nicely. Briere gets $6.5 mil which is below what some pundits had him going for.

The key, however, is this: the deal is for eight -- yes friend, eight -- seasons. Guaranteed. As Borat would say, "Very Nice!"

-- As much as I love Texas Pete hot sauce, I have about had it with the one ad they show about 10 times an hour on Florida Marlins' telecasts. Geez, we get it: the hot sauce is good on just about everything. Enough already! Spend some money, film another ad. And change the music, too.

-- PS: The few fans at Joe Robbie Stadium just booed Armando Benitez off the field after another rough outing against the Braves. At least they care.



-- Hey there: The Lightning just got a little tougher. The Bolts announced Sunday that it has signed winger Michel Ouellet to a two-year deal. The 25-year-old is just coming into his own and can score some goals. He kind of priced himself out of Pitt, but should be a good fit among the scorers over on the other coast.

"Michel Ouellet is a goal scorer and has been throughout every level of his career,” GM Jay Feaster said in an email addressed only to me. OK, that's not true. "He is extremely effective on the power play and he has a knack for burying his chances in the offensive zone. We feel his game is best suited to playing in a top-two line role and he will get that opportunity in Tampa. The fact he played junior hockey with Brad Richards in Rimouski is a real plus, as we believe there will be good chemistry between the two, and he knows how to win. For all of these reasons we feel strongly that Michel is the right fit for our hockey team.”

-- How about Scotty Gomez coming across the Hudson to play for the Blueshirts? ESPN.com says Gomez is off to the Rangers. So there you are.

-- Anyone else notice that the Panthers' 2006-07 calendar has Ed Belfour and Alex Auld sharing the month of June? Well, I found it humorous. Now, off to July with Mike Van Ryn and Steve Montador!


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Yes, I was hoping for his return. Perfect pk specialist for Martin. Woohoo!

More speed for the 3rd line? Dvorak is not a bad signing, but come on Martin, Nathan and Olli need some scoring help!

Thanks alot GR. Great coverage. Keep it up!

Oh and yes George, you are doing a bang-up job. Keep up the good work, my man!

Are you serious? Dvorak??? Another re-tread that has no scoring ability. We know how the last re-tread worked out (Bill Lindsay), and a 2 year deal??? This is the 1st Martin move that I have NOT liked. It better be for a minimal dollar amount...PS - 2 of our 3 FA signings have been Czech players. Pattern forming here? Sykora is still out there!!!

yeah, having George on top of things is great. Keep up the good work!

Don't like this signing along with Zednik coming here, too.

Agreed, thanks for the hard work.

Hopefully it's way under 1M$. Think about it this way

McLean = Gratton
Zednik = Gelinas
Dvorak = Kolnik

I like the move. Dvorak is a defensive forward. Zednik is a scorer. Can't compare the two. They both add speed, but they play in different zones.

Depending on the $$, obviously, i like the addition.

I'd take Kolnik over Dvorak any day of the week, heck I'd rather see some of our top prospects over Dvorak too. I'm really hoping it's something like 500K-700K and that JM isn't done.

Not a bad signing at all IMO. Building up this depth for the 3rd and 4th lines (depending on which one Dvorak plays on) is what you need for a team to be built to make the playoffs. We had little depth before and the depth we did have was more suited to the old NHL (Gratton, Gelinas), however Dvorak is still an upgrade over Gelinas IMO and McLean is for sure and upgrade over Gratton. We're looking a lot faster on the lower lines now and Zednik is a bit of a wildcard and brings speed and skill. I'm with Clint though, come on Sykora (or Nagy or Kozlov). Keep up the great work here, thanks.

"McLean = Gratton
Zednik = Gelinas
Dvorak = Kolnik"

McLean is fast, a great teammate and takes less penalties
Zednik is faster and more a natural scorer, but with lots of ???
Dvorak is a perfect 3rd liner and pk specialist (Kolnik just didn't fit that role)

So, are we still going to sign a Kozlov or what??? You gotta think we still have about 3-5 mill left

Even though I don't like the signning if it means we don't get a top 6 forward. Props to GR for breaking the story for us when TSN still doesn't have it up

Aren't we wanting to get tougher? Thornton's already gone, we need an enforcer here.

JM doesn't need to rush to get a goon on the 1st day of free agency. Btw, we're in the eastern conference, teams in this conference are built on speed and skills. Speed was more a priority than toughness imo. We have to win in the regular season before we can win in the playoffs.

JM is saying thats about it for florida on the panthers website.i think they need a bigger scoring forward like kozlov from atlanta hopefully he can get that done and after tht we should be good

Ouellet signed with Tampa for 2 years, 2.5 million. That's one heck of a deal for the Bolts. I'd rather him than Dvorak for 2 years. I can't believe JM is saying we're done!

With these signings, my guess is that Panthers have spent about $39 million and still need to sign JBo and Weiss to extensions. I suspect that Jacque is now focused on resigning these two.

I want Slava Kozlov. The question is, is there room for him?

a little dissapointed here we went blue kight specials....maybe we are a 90 point team with this lineup.....we did not address the HUGE issue of the shootout... a reason in itself to get kozlov...

status quo from here would be a letdown for this season tkt holder

Give it a day or two to sink in. First reaction was good...we got a lot faster and younger. Hated to see Dvorak in a Ranger jersey after we made that hideous trade to get Vernon (thanks Peter Worrell for slamming into Trevor Kidd)...hated it even more after scoring 30+ goals with them. He will fit in well and he's only 30. Zhednik is a talent if he stays healthy. These three will be good for the Panthers in the "new" NHL. Not happy that this is all we will do. I do feel that this team is better tonight than at the final game of the season.

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