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New TV Voice


Here's what I've heard of late: Steve Goldstein has all but accepted the team/FSN's offer for the television gig. He just needs to agree to the contractual terms. It's expected he's going to do so.

As far as radio goes, Craig Minervini is expected to get a close look, as is WQAM hockey/baseball pre-post game host Jesse Agler. Jesse has called a few baseball games this year. Sounds pretty good, but so did Craig when he filled in for Goldie last year.

If the Panthers -- who are making this call -- don't stay in the market, expect them to look to a young voice who is currently calling games in the AHL.

Also, a wild-card in this is Brian Goldman, the Panthers' coordinator of communications. Goldman, a University of Pittsburgh grad, is an aspiring broadcaster who called Pitt football and basketball and is doing a lot of television work on floridapanthers.com.

-- Here's the preseason schedule:
Sept. 16: At Calgary; Sept. 17: At Edmonton; Sept. 18: Vs. Calgary (Saskatoon); Sept. 20: At Chicago; Sept. 25: CHICAGO (noon); Sept. 26: ATLANTA; Sept. 28: At Atlanta.

-- Jacques said he hopes Janis Sprukts returns to the Panthers next season, but said Sprukts could play in Europe next season. The Panthers aren't offering Sprukts anything more than a two-way deal, but word is Sprukts (who scored 18 goals in 58 games for Rochester last year and had a goal in 13 games with the Panthers) wants a garuntee he's got a spot on the roster or he's going Europa.


"I don't know at this time,'' Martin said when asked if he thought Sprukts would return. "We offered him a qualifying offer of sorts to protect our rights. We're in discussions with him. I hope he’ll be back, but a player always has [Europe] that option. We’d like him to stay here. If he doesn’t, it could open up a position for someone else.''

Martin says the Panthers will supply Rochester with 12 players and if Sprukts doesn't return, Florida could sign a veteran AHL player to help the Americans with their depth. That player would be a member of the Panthers and eligible for a callup if needed. Martin said all but one of Rochester's players last year was either a member of the Florida or Buffalo organization.