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On the Road Again

ChevyYep, haven't been posting lately because I've been out on the road and haven't been really keeping up with the news.

If you're wondering, I'm having a darned good time on this latest installment of summer vacation.

Will be back soon. In Philly right now, checking out the new Flyers and the Liberty Bell. Yes I'm going to get a cheesesteak. Baltimore tomorrow baby...watch out Charm City!

-- PS: The Flyers' slogan this season is "Back with a Vengance.'' Alrighty then.


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George, is there any reason to be concerned that the Weiss deal is taking so long? We've heard for almost a month that they were close but so far nada...Is it possible they may just settle for a 1 year deal so Weiss can try to up his production and value?

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