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Rough Market

Stock_2It sure isn't a good time to be an NHL goalie looking for a job.

There just isn't a lot of work out there to have.

James Mirtle did a little bit of research CHECK SITE HERE on his hockey blog. Truth is, guys like Alex Auld and Ed Belfour are going to have some trouble finding a job for the coming season. Why? There are only so many slots and many of them are filled. Check out what James found: Only two teams, the Calgary Keenans and Phoenix Straders, have room for a goalie. Hard to believe? Yes. Here's what Mirtle's research found:

Anaheim: Giguere, Bryzgalov, Hiller; Atlanta: Lehtonen, Hedberg; Boston: Fernandez, Thomas, Toivonen; Buffalo: Miller, Thibault; Calgary: Kiprusoff, ~vacant~; Carolina: Ward, Grahame; Chicago: Khabibulin, Lalime; Colorado: Budaj, Theodore; Columbus: Norrena, Leclaire; Dallas: Turco, Smith; Detroit: Hasek, Osgood; Edmonton: Roloson, Garon; Florida: Vokoun, Anderson; Los Angeles: LaBarbera, Cloutier; Minnesota: Backstrom, Harding; Montreal: Huet, Halak, Price; Nashville: Mason, Rinne; New Jersey: Brodeur, Weekes; N.Y. Islanders: DiPietro, Dubielewicz; N.Y. Rangers: Lundqvist, Valiquette, Montoya; Ottawa: Emery, Gerber; Philadelphia: Biron, Niittymaki; Phoenix: Tellqvist, ~vacant~; Pittsburgh: Fleury, Sabourin; San Jose: Nabokov, Greiss (likely); St. Louis: Legace, Schwarz/Bacashihua; Tampa Bay: Holmqvist, Denis; Toronto: Toskala, Raycroft, Clemmensen; Vancouver: Luongo, Sanford, Schneider; Washington: Kolzig, Johnson.

So where does that leave guys like Alex and Eddie? Well, there are always injuries and a guy like Ed Belfour will find work if he wants it. Having Hall of Fame credentials -- not to mention he's coming off a pretty good year -- surely helps (and don't call me Shirley). Alex may have a tougher road, one that may take him back to the AHL.

You hate to see quality guys like this out in limbo, but with the escalating salaries, they are victims of the NHL's new economics. Look at the Panthers; they're paying their No. 1 goalie a king's ransom. The backup? He's getting $500,000. That's the kind of money (and job description) Eddie and Alex wouldn't think of taking a month ago. Now, the lake is drying up.


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I hope Eddie lands on his feet somewhere. LA would be perfect - but Lombardi (foolishly) still thinks Cloutier has something left in him. As if he ever did.

I hope they both land somewhere. Eddie was awesome for us last year and would be a good insurance policy for a contender. He needs to swallow his pride and accept at his age he's not going to make #1 goalie money. Alex could be a cheap, decent backup for one of the teams mentioned above.

I'd expect Eddie to get a call once teams start practicing or even during the season when injuries start going down. He'd be more valuable to someone then than now too.

eddie will get a job sometime this season.even at the end of the year someone may grab him.as for auld he needs to go to the ahl. A .888 save percentage is just terriable.he was terriable evemn on the shootout if there was a breakway 90 %of the time they scored.alud needs some years in ahl and i still dont think he is #1 goalie material

Eddie could land in Calgary. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall when those two started talking Panthers hockey.

just an unconfirmed rumor but I'm hearing the Eagle will land with the Pens.

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