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New Cats on the Block

Newkids The Panthers made two moves this afternoon, signing center Brett McLean from Colorado to a three-year deal, and also signing former Cap Richard Zednik to a two-year contract.

McLean, 28, scored 15 goals with 20 assists for the Avs last season and was a plus-8. In his three-plus year NHL career, McLean has played in 238 games and has 35 goals and 71 assists. Mclean_2

Dude is well traveled, playing for such minor league franchises as the Johnstown Chiefs, Hansons45the Cleveland Lumberjacks and the Houston Aeros. He started his NHL career with Chicago before going to the Avs as a free agent.

Zednik, 31, is a major-league veteran of 10 NHL seasons. Zednik made his NHL debut in 1996 with the Caps and spent parts of six seasons with Washington. Zednik has also played for Montreal and the Islanders.

Zednik was traded to the Islanders last year and in 42 combined games last year scored seven goals with 14 assists. Zednik has appeared in 48 playoff games, scoring 16 goals with 10 assists. In 621 career games, he has 168 goals and 152 assists. Zednik Zednik had wrist and groin problems that affected him, and he missed the Isles' last nine games of the 2006-07 season because of a family emergency in Slovakia.

Zednik has a knack for scoring when healthy, scoring 20 goals three times for the Canadiens, including a career-high 31 in 2002-03.

According to the Panthers, coach/GM Jacques Martin will be speaking to us later this afternoon. Word is, he's not done shopping just yet.

So far, he's found two inexpensive parts to the puzzle. According to TSN, Zednik will get $1.5 mil this season and $1.75 mil next year. McLean will get $1.7 million in each of the three years in his deal. 

(*) Take Todd White off Florida's list as he has reportedly signed with Southeast Division rival Atlanta. According to the AJC.com, the Thrashers signed White to a four-year deal worth $9.5 million. There had been word from inside the Panthers that Florida was only willing to give White a three-year

(*) Word is Todd Bertuzzi is still out there looking for a team. And no, this was not just a cheap way of sneaking in a new Bert picture. I'm not going to be that guy. No new Bert pictures today. Seriously.

(*) OK, here you go: Bertagain_3


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Depending on the price I like these moves.

According to TSN the moves cost the Panthers $1.7 million per year for Mclean and about $1.63 or so for Zednik (rough estimate).

That should leave the Panthers room to sign one or both the Kozlovs.

$1.7mil per for McLean. $1.5 and $1.7 per for Zednik.

I like the McLean move. Zednik is a bit of a gamble. But if he regains his scoring touch he could turn out to be a pretty solid 2nd line player.

Any other rumors you hear out there GR?

Zednik? Yuck. That guy contributes less to a team than (insert witty metaphor here). The McLean signing is a good one though. We didn't land White, but we got a similar player at almost half the price.

And because HF is totally lame and can't handle heavy traffic I'm going to be posting here, George, for the rest of the day!

I like both signings, but Zednik is definitely a risk, but maybe he will return to the form he had with the Habs. I think we need at least one more FA forward, hopefully one of the Kozlov's.

Zednik is a good cheap option to play either the top or 2nd line. Talk about a discount for a good 20-30 goal scoring veteran coming off an injury plagued year! Not a bad risk by Martin IMO. Plus Zednik adds speed that we lacked last year.

Both signings still leave us with a good amount of room to land a Sykora or Slava Kozlov type scorer. Martin may settle for someone cheaper like Viktor Kozlov (Ugh) though so he can re-sign Bouwmeester and Weiss to extensions.

All in all, Martin the Wise strikes again!

Wow, Philly landed Briere - why couldn't have gone out West???

Martin pretty much used the money freed from Kolnik and Gratton leaving on Zednik and McLean. More must be coming.

Hahaha, Philly gives Briere an 8-year, 52-million dollar contract and NTC. Thank god we have Martin!

Rafalski to Detroit. You could see that coming after Schneider left for Anaheim. Come on, Panthers, make a splash!

I'm not sold on Zednik either, but it's high reward if he can rebound.

McLean is a solid pickup, I wasn't really looking for the signing of White and this is a much better deal for a similar type of player.

real funny with that bert picture, still a bit sour about basically getting allen, auld, and some red wings prospects+picks, for luongo, shirokov and krajicek?

Canucks Fan: Not sour by any means. I could care less. The Bert pictures are a running gag on the blog. I mention Bertuzzi, another Bert and Ernie pic goes online. Problem is, I'm running out of them. Had been saving the CPR Bert pic for a while...The drunken Bert from Family Guy is my personal fave...

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