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Good Seats, Now Available

GoaljudgeSome of the best seats at BankAtlantic Center could soon be yours for a price, as the seats formerly reserved for the goal judge may be up for sale.

The NHL is allowing teams to move the goal judge from their spots behind the goalie, with many teams opting to move them up to the press box level. The Panthers have confirmed they will do the same, although they haven't decided what to do with the seats.

One thought is they could be used by FSN, another is they could be sold either as a season ticket or game-by-game. Let's say the seats aren't sold for a game against Carolina, then FSN could use them.

I hope whomever ends up in these seats uses decorum when turning on the red light.

For more on this issue, check out this story in the Globe&Mail: TURN ON THE RED LIGHT

-- Speaking of red lights, reigning NHL goal champ Sidney Crosby now has his own line of clothing, although Reebok has made it very hard to get it in the states. According to a story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the new line is only available in three Canadian sports stores and isn't available online.

Crosby_2 I'm betting the stuff will be at the Reebok outlet at Sawgrass Mills by the end of the year. They have a lot of stuff in that store. Anyway, here's Sid with some of his new friends. Yeah, the kid has it made.

-- Since he's selling the team and says his owners box may have new occupants in the coming season, Predators owner Craig Leipold had bought season tickets for 2007-08 in the 300 level of the team's arena.

According to John Glennon's story in the Tennessean, the 303 section where Leipold has his seats is called 'The Cellblock' because of the rowdy nature of the fans there. This smells like a publicity stunt to me, but Leipold says he is going to sit there and cheer on the Preds.

"Cellblock 303 doesn't know what they are getting into with me in their section now,'' Leipold said "I'm going to work on some new chants for us to yell to the opposing teams. I can't wait.''

Here's the rest of the story: MUSIC CITY MANIAC