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Marty Speaks

GelinasFormer Panther Martin Gelinas opens up to the Nashville Predators staff in a Q&A session on the team website. You can read the entire interview here: MARTY SAYS HELLO

Some of the highlights: He says he had an offer from Florida but in the end decided to go to Nashville for family reasons; says folks in Tennessee are much friendlier than those in South Florida (shocking); adds new neighbors brought over cookies. That didn't happen in Parkland apparently.

Speaking of Parkland, hearing Nathan Horton has moved to Panthertown, joining just about every other player in that city. Heard he and Jozef Stumpel are neighbors. I hope Jozef baked some cookies to welcome Hortie into the hood.

-- Also, word out of Music City is that Marty is going to see a more pronounced role with the Preds after Steve Sullivan had a second back surgery recently. Sullivan is out for the start of the season. The Preds hope Sullivan will be back on the ice in December.

-- Also, Dave Joseph has a nice read up on the Panthers' website talking with Joe Nieuwendyk and how this summer has been so much different than those in the past. Among the highlights: Joe still plays hockey once a week; he's excited about the Florida youngsters and excited about working with JM. Read the rest RIGHT HERE

-- The Canucks finally came out and unveiled their new unis. Not exactly blown away here either. They keep their modern Orca-C on the chest but go back to their old-school lime green and blue color scheme that became so popular up there of late. Don't know what's up with having Vancouver on the front of the jerseys, but it's already growing on me, so I'll put this one in the like pile by default.

Luongo -- Keeping with the theme of former Panthers, Pavel Bure was in Russian court recently suing British Airways. Apparently, Bure -- the Russian Rocket -- was on a flight from Moscow to London but was told to get off the plane. The reason? The pilot thought he was a soccer hooligan!

Bure didn't think this was very funny (he may hate soccer for all I know) and sued the airline. Pavel was seeking 20 million rubles (about $800,000); a Russian judge awarded him only $2400. According to AP, Bure's lawyer is appealing the low judgment in seeking more money. Good luck there.

-- And even more former Panther news: Kiwi has found a home, and it isn't too far away. Joel Kwiatkowski, sent off to Pittsburgh at the trading deadline, has signed a one-year deal with the Thrashers. Kiwi is getting a two-way deal for $600,000 according to Craig Custance of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.