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Must See TV? Not Florida

HomertvAs expected, the Panthers aren't going to be one of the more televised teams in the NHL. In fact, they're the bare minimum.

The Panthers aren't scheduled to be involved in any of NBC's national telecasts this season, and they are only going to be on Versus once (Nov. 12 vs. Caroliner).

By the way, each team -- by federal law! -- has to be televised by the Versus folks once. As in the past, Versus likes getting the Panthers out of the way. Last year's game came on Oct. 31 against San Jose.


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Meh! Even our neighbors to the north who love claim the franchise should be moved to Canada are showing THREE Cat's games! That's right, TSN is showing three Panther's games, two against the Habs and one against the Laughs. On national TV in Canada but not here....hmm.

Oh, George, do you happen to know if FSN will be showing any AWAY games in HD this season?

Okay, I'm formally calling you on the carpet. I challenge you to produce any law (federal OR state) in any US jurisdiction that governs what a league must present on television in the way of teams and frequency thereof. I can assure you there is no law that says any cable/satellite network is required to show "every team" at least once.

You, sir, are wrong. You're passing off a fact that is simply incorrect. However, since it's a blog I suppose you feel you don't have to check your facts. Still it's irresponsible at best.

You should be ashamed. Tell Ed Pope he needs to train his writers better.

I love when crappy teams like Philly get televised more nationally then up and coming teams like the Panthers.

Oh well, more Denis and Steve for me!

I propose death to George Richards for his error, if it is one. That simply would be the right thing to do.

yeah, I was serious about the federal law thing....

You know, NHL.com's link to the NBC games had our March 2nd Panthers vs. Islanders game as a potential broadcast and now it's been removed. That's too bad, I don't know why they did that. Either way, I get Center Ice so I plan to see virtually every game this season anyway.

lets win the stanley cup...so everyone in both countries can get screwed over by not seeing us play at all.

Poor George...apparently your sarcasm soars way above the heads of some of your blog readers. LOL

As always, keep up the good work!

Speaking of Candian TV, go figure that you picked a photo of that great American, Homer Simpson, hugging a TV with a CBC logo on it. Guess he wants his hockey too.

can't believe leigh is the only one to have noticed that. post of the week. good for you, eh.

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