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Two Together

ScalperAll right party people; Those of you who haven't secured your season tickets for the 2006-07 season, Saturday is your day.

That's right, Panthers' single game tickets go on sale.

Please try and temper your enthusiasm.

Anyway, tickets to all 41 home games go on sale. That means you can get tickets to Opening Night against the Devils, the returns of Roberto Luongo and Mike Keenan, any of four matchups with the Thrash, Bolts, Canes or Caps, etc.

Tickets go on sale at Ticketmaster.com, but if your smart and want to avoid paying those outrageous fees, purchase your tickets at the box office.

-- Been getting a lot of emails and questions about my thoughts on the Canes leaving the Orange Bowl. Most know I love the OB, would go there for soccer games if I had to get my OB fix. That said, I'm going to let this topic slide for a little bit. Will talk about my real thoughts on this at another time, probably around the time Miami plays its last game at the corner of 15th Avenue and Third Street -- OK, not as romantic as Clark and Addison (Wrigley) or even Michigan and Trumbull (Tiger Stadium).

Orangebowllogo That said, here's my quick take: This was bound to happen. The city hasn't done anything for the old stadium in a really long time and Miami needs to do what's best for the program. Doesn't mean I'm not sad at the news. There's nothing like watching a game in the Orange Bowl. At least we have a few more magical afternoons and evenings left in the old girl. Hopefully I'll get to see a few of them between some hockey games.