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You've Got Questions?

RiddlerAs the offseason winds to a close and another hockey season appears on the horizon, figured I would offer up some tips to how to further your enjoyment of The Miami Herald's hockey coverage.

Sure, On Frozen Pond is pretty much all you need during the season. News, stats, jokes, bad photos. They're all right here. But, you, the intense hockey fan probably needs more.

You have questions, I sometimes have answers.

One of the most popular ways to get a hold of me is to call me on my cellphone. But, since I don't answer it, you might want to try something different. Like emailing me at grichards@miamiherald.com. You can also ask me questions -- ones that get published online -- at our Herald Q&A forum. You can access that right here: ASK G ANYTHING; ALMOST ANYTHING

I'm also going to periodically take my best emails and put them in a mailbag file.

Like this:

From Johan: You posted on your blog that if things went right you would like Vegas to be the permanent home for the Stanley Cup Finals? Or did I misunderstand? I can not see how such a well informed sports person such as yourself can think this would be in the best interest of the NHL or any other sport for that matter. Please explain yourself.

From George: zzzzzzzz.....

See how much fun this can be?