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Ask a Panther

AskacatI have asked many a question in my day. Some have been thoughtful and provoked an insightful response.

Others have brought about a response similar to the one Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy unleashed last month.Gundy

So, I've decided to turn over the work to you.

That's right, hockey fan, you get to ask questions of your favorite Florida Panther player and have that answer published in the hallowed pages of The Miami Herald! I knew you would be excited.

Now, this is going to be a weekly thing; it will run on Sunday, so I would need all questions offered up by Tuesday afternoon.

This is what I need: Your name, city, email and phone number (I will be verifying question is legit so please leave a cellphone number). And, of course, the question you have and the player it is aimed toward. It can be anything you want because I will screen them. Questions asking if Nathan Horton will marry you won't be forwarded. Plus, he's already married, so there.

So, to submit a question, please flip back to our Q&A link on the main Miami Herald hockey page, or simply follow this link:


Again, if you leave off your name, or leave off your phone number, I'm just going to delete the email.

Get thinking folks; It's already Monday....

And remember, not all questions are going to be answered, and some questions asked are going to be held until another time. So keep sending them! The more, the merrier.

Or something like that.