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Game On, Part III

ErnieSASKATOON, Saskatchewan -- Looks like were doing this again.

Live from the Credit Union Centre it's hockey night on the plains!

PS: don't have the name of THE credit union that sponsored the Centre, so don't ask. Might be the old Eastern Airlines CU or maybe even the Publix CU for all I know. I doubt it's the Miami Herald CU since we were taken over by another company  and now have a different name.

-- Full crowd here in Saskatoon (from now on: The Toon) as this is the first NHL preseason game played here in more than 10 years. So I'm told.

-- Sitting behind the net reminds me of games at Madison Square Garden.

-- OK, more like San Juan, Puerto Rico.

EDIT -- McElhinney in net for the Flames. He didn't play Sunday because he got hurt in warmups. Looks fine tonight.

-- Rumor is, Jamie 'Noodles' McLennan is waiting in the wings to return to the Flames. He won't be in Russia this year.

-- Lots of speeches prior to tonight's game. The players are tiring already.

-- Bo is wearing the C again tonight.

-- There are ads everywhere in this place. There has to be at least 20 logos on the ice alone.

-- The Panthers feel right at home.

-- Nice touch: Playing Hockey Tonight over the loudspeakers.

-- Former Florida captain Brian Skrudland is from here, and played for the junior Blades. Has his No. 10 hanging from the rafters.

-- Harvey the Hound made the trek over from Calgary. I'm going to try and grab his tongue.

-- 'Dueling Banjos' from Deliverance also played during one stoppage in play. Feel like I'm back in Bama.

-- Olesz gets first penalty. No popcorn for him.

-- Speaking of penalties, heard O.J. Simpson is back in the news. Wonder why he hasn't been doing more acting? I thought he was great in the Naked Gun trilogy.

-- Heard Atlanta finally signed Byron Leftwich. Seriously, what was the holdup there? Were they thinking Joey Harrington was magically going to get better?

-- Tribe gets two homers in the sixth, score three and lead the Tigers 7-4 in top of the seventh.

-- Kreps gets called for hooking. Sad a young man has to resort to such a thing....

-- Martin Tuma in box for Panthers..we're at the midway point of the first. Still SCORELESS...

-- MAILBAG TIME! Justin writes: These penalties the Panthers are taking is getting ridiculous...this will become a serious problem once the season starts. G: I agree although exhibition games are notorious for having a lot of penalties called.

-- CALGARY SCORES...1-0 off slapshot from right circle courtesy of Daymond Langkow...Huselius in lineup, picks up a point against his former mates...power play goal....

-- Harvey the Hound: No Stanley C, but one of the better mascots in the game. Top 20 in all of sports.

-- Some dude spray painted himself orange (no one told him the Flames' colors include red but NOT orange). Someone also should have told him to keep his shirt on. And this is coming from someone who knows better....

-- Vokoun looks fine...has made a couple of nice saves, and appeared to be screened on the last shot. I'm kind of far away from the play...

-- Hey, 5-on-5 hockey! Cool....

-- 3:22 left in first period -- still 1-0 FLAMES

-- Playing 'Country Boy' by John Denver. Also the 7th inning stretch song at Camden Yards. Betcha didn't know that.

-- Have a little dustup at the end of the first, but nothing serious.



-- Shots on goal through 1: FLA 9, CAL 9

-- More from The Toon after these messages!

-- Right outside my booth, a concession stand with the sign: Sausage on a Bun.

-- You know I bought one. Right tasty with mustard, jalapenos and pickles.

-- Indians beat Tigers again. Thought everyone wanted to know.

-- I don't feel so good....Tums

-- Panthers goal -- Mr. Popcorn Rostislav Olesz charges in, puts puck five hole.  OLESZ, shorthanded at 4:22...FLA 1, CAL 1

-- Bo: The Welch rumors were started by one guy, the same guy who usually starts these rumors. There is no truth to them, I said that last week when I first read them...

-- Of course Bob Mac wrote that last week too...

-- Vokoun makes a nice save...and it looks like he's staying in....10:48 left in second, still 1-1

-- Another nice save, and here comes Tyler Plante....9:20 left in the second, your Florida Panthers 1, Calgary 1....Be right back!

-- Tanner Glass just threw down with David Vanwhatever....Glass with the takedown. Panthers win that one...

-- Plante gives up first shot he sees...Grant Stevenson with the goal....8:55 left in the second, CAL 2, FLA 1..

-- PanthersRock: No on popcorn as a nickname for Rusty; Sausage on Bun very good down by Miami Arena/Orange Bowl although its no whatever-on-a-stick; the doughnut thing sounds awful sticky. and awful...

-- PANTHERS SCORE.... Martin Tuma with the nice goal...   7:26 left, FLA 2, CAL 2

-- Campbell and Langkow wanted to go, refs said no. Darned refs.

-- 5:11 left in second, still 2-2....

-- Campbell goes with Cory Sarich. Decision to the Flames....

-- Plante just made a nice save near the end of the period.


-- Jarome Iginla just went breakaway and stuffed by Plante. A face-plante if you will.

-- Love the Chicken Dance.