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Game On, Part Deux (Updates through the Night -- Unless I get Bored)

Ghostbusters EDMONTON, Alberta -- The Panthers trail for the first time this preseason, as Edmonton's Ethan Moreau blasted a slapper past Tomas Vokoun 42 seconds into the contest.

Florida's hope to having a full preseason without giving up a goal is now gone.

Sad times indeed.

-- Rob Globke gets the first penalty of the night, interference at 1:38...

-- Noah Welch gets the second; EDM on 5-on-3 for :35...

-- Edmonton 2-0; power play goal by Kyle Brodziak. He pushed loose puck past Vokoun. Three shots, two goals. Not bad, eh?

-- I picked up a new Edmonton Oil Kings cap at the team shop. It's sweet. Red and gold, very old-school.

-- Make it 3-0 Oilers...Kyle Brodziak scores again, this time at 7:24. Marty Reasoner now has three assists. Five shots, three goals.

-- Are the Marlins playing?

-- Florida gets a scoring chance, 2006 playoff hero Dwayne Roloson smothers shot.

-- Panthers on power play; Ales Hemsky caught hooking (which I think is legal in Las Vegas) at 11:15.

-- Marlins losing to Atlanta, 10-4, top of the 8th.

-- More importantly, Indians losing to Tigers 5-2 B8...

-- Panthers on second power play; Dick Tarnstrom (sounds like a politician) called for the old high stick at 13:34.

-- Still 3-0 Oil, still first period.

-- Where's Ed Belfour?

-- Youngster Shawn Matthias looking a little physical. Been crashing the net, making some contact.

-- Panthers on third PP: Bryan Young gets called for cross checking (that happened to me at the airport the other day but there was no penalty called.)

-- Tribe ties it! 5-5 in the 8th...Peralta with a two-run shot...

-- Panthers outshooting Oil 17-7. Nothing to show for it so far.

-- Also, haven't been able to find Diet Dr. Pepper since I've crossed over into Canada. What's the story there?

-- In game answers -- Alex writes: is vokoun playing poorly or is it an inexperienced defense showing....or both?

Little of both. Vokoun didn't seem to play any of those three goals well and didn't get much help up front. The first goal was from point blank (not Grosse Point Blank).

From Justin: what is going on with Vokoun??? G: He's played better since he's settled in. Still, only faced seven shots (17 total this preseason for those of you keeping track in the comfort of your home. Are you too good for your home?)

-- And the Panthers score! Michal Frolik knocks in a pass from Edmonton's own Jay Bouwmeester. 3-1 with 23.3 seconds left.

-- Marlins have closed gap to 11-6 in Atlanta. Everyone's doin' the Fish. Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?

-- Oilers having a Tickets for Troops game when the Blackhawks come to town. Deal is, season ticket holders donate tickets so Canadian military can attend game. Sounds like a cool idea, one the Panthers might want to look into.

-- Holy Jokinen: keep me up with McArdle please. G: He has looked OK, definitely holding his own. He ain't making this team tho, not just yet. And that's no knock on him.

-- The real Olli Jokinen just cross checked me as I sat in the press box during the intermission. Again, no penalty called.

-- Cleveland has runner at second, one out...

-- Brian X wants everyone to know he's not blogging tonight. Lazy? I think so. Actually, he's having computer issues. Internet here doesn't like Apple laptops from Palm Beach County apparently.

-- Panthers open second in a flash; Brett McLean with some fancy stickwork to beat Roloson...10 seconds in and its 3-2...

-- Rostislav Olesz and Jozef Stumpel just stopped by. They send their best.

-- Holy Jokinen: oh.. and tell Olli 1 goal and 1 assist isn't good enough. especially after only 4 months or so of no games......Done. He ain't happy with you. Says give him his name back.

-- Bonus baseball in C-Town. Tigers/Indians going to 10th...

-- Stephen Weiss called for holding. 10 yards from the spot of the infraction, repeat first down.

-- Bravos beat Marlins 11-6. There goes the season.

Elaine -- Midway through the second (9:35 left) and Vokoun still in net. Guess he's only faced nine shots so JM is leaving him out there for more work. Edmonton changes goalies, however, Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers (his mom Julia Drouin-Deslauriers played Elaine on Seinfeld).

-- Globke gets rough! Goes to Oiler bench, grabs a player by the neck and gets things going. Matthias continues to play not-so-nice with others. Kid is trying to make an impression (relax bro, Jacques is a fan....)

-- Edmonton makes it 4-2 with 34.4 left in the second. Sam (Don't Call me Dave) Gagner goes top shelf (where they keep the good stuff) on Vokoun. That was shot Number 11. Dave Gagner, as you may recall, used to play for the Panthers. And he's Sam's Dad. Wonder if he shops at Sam's Club?

-- Rostislav just brought over some popcorn. Not too buttery, not too salty. Just plain good. Thanks Rusty!Olesz_2

Popcorn-- Can't get Diet Dr. Pepper, but they do have this ginger-based soda here. Pretty good. Called 'Canada Dry.' Don't think you can get it in the states. Will check when I get home.

-- YESSSSSSSS! The Indians win, the Indians win! The Erie Warriors now up 5 1/2 on las tigres...Casey Blake homer to left in bottom of 11.

-- Vokoun in net for start of third. In case your scoring at home, he has nine saves on 13 shots. And good for you.

-- Shorthanded goal for the Oil. It's 5-2. Tim Sestito (nickname: Party Pizza) from the slot. It's getting ugly in here.

-- Panthers "power" play now over. Shots on goal: ED 1, FLA 0.

-- Seems to be some confussion over the Florida lineup tonight. So here you go: Vokoun, Shantz, Mezei, Bouwmeester, Weiss, Campbell, Horton, Dvorak, Welch, Collins, Matthias, MacDonald, Booth, Larman, Globke, McLean, Henry, Frolik, McArdle, Salei.

-- Welch just tripped up Vokoun. Not his fault though, didn't see him.

-- Globke scores at 7:54; crashed in from right side. EDM 5, FLA 3 12:06 remaining.

-- Best name in junior hockey: The Kootenay Ice. Any discussion on this?

-- Welch just got squeezed into the Tim Hortons sign. Guess he likes juice with his Dutchie...

-- Campbell just knocks in puck off a rebound; ED 5, FLA 4 with 8:52 remaining.

-- Nathan Horton gets called for interference, then 20 seconds later Welch gets called for the hook. 5-on-3 for Oilers for a whopping 1:40.

-- Killed off (just like Henry Blake in MASH)....

-- Panthers call timeout. It's 30 seconds. 1:05 left, it's still EDM 5, FLA 4