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It's Hockey Time

PuckheadTime to let loose hockey fan.

It's about time to let the pucks loose and put the summer behind us.

Yes, it's time for some hockey.

The Panthers are finishing up their rookie camp in Ontario today, then come home to begin the 2007-08 season in earnest. Players will be at the Tamarac arena come Thursday for physicals and strength testing, then they'll load up in a shiny bus and head on over to the airport. From there they'll fly to Vail, Colorado, where training camp begins Friday morning.

After a couple of practices, the Panthers open their preseason with a game against former coach and GM Mike Keenan in Calgary on Sunday night.

Yep, the Panthers will be playing a game within a week. That's less than seven days folks, even by a Canadian calender.

Seriously, getting fired up yet?


Shawn in Tamarac writes:

George, read your post on XM Radio; The great news is that Sirius and XM will soon be one. Hopefully it gets approval to merge soon. I also listen to HomeICE every day, and I cant wait till its live all day once the preseason starts. I miss Espo's gum chompin' grizzy voice.

G: The more the merrier....

PJ in Miami: Hey George nice article on louie. i know he says he didnt wanna leave but that contract was on the table for him the whole season.he is a very good goalie will be a hall of famer no doubt.my question to you is do you think vokoun can take louies spot and do you think that he is as much a game stealer as louie is ?

G: The Panthers sure hope so. I think the Vokoun is going to be just fine.

Scott in Plantation:
Hey George, how did practice look today? Just basic stuff I'm assuming. Is everyone there or is it like football with just rookies pretty much for now and vets reporting later? I'm really excited to see how some of the young prospects look. I think we are really stocking up our minor system with some good players. Either for us in the future, or as trade pieces. What do you think?

G: These practices involve just about anyone who wants to show up. And I think the Panthers have a nice bit of depth in their system, something that showed last year. When the team had to fill a spot, they went to their system and brought someone up. That said, expectations for those players is up.