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Not So Fast My Friend

Corso Here it is, Tuesday night and FSN Florida is showing a game between Appalachian State and Michigan.

The I-AA Mountaineers are actually leading the host Wolverines 28-17 at halftime. Wow! I can't believe this is happening.

But there's no way Appalachian State beats Michigan in the Big House. No way. I may keep watching this game, but if Leno has someone interesting on, I'm changing the channel.

Seriously, Michigan losing to Appalachian State? Next thing you're going to tell me is Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne is headed off to prison. Or Notre Dame's vaunted offense could only muster three against Georgia Tech.


-- While watching the game, I saw a great graphic pop up: The last time Michigan was trailing a non-ranked opponent at halftime at home was Michigan State in 2004. Only my friend Mike would know something like that. Great graphic.

-- It seems the BigTen Network is still struggling to get cable and satellite providers to put it on basic. Every commercial break offers another Big 11 coach pimping the network to viewers prodding them to call their cable people. Like that does anything. "The Hoosiers aren't on basic cable,'' interim IU coach Bill Lynch says in his ad.

It really is a shame this network isn't on our already very-basic cable offerings down here. I can think of a few dozen folks in South Florida who want to watch IU football in South Florida. Of course, most of them play -- or coach -- for the Miami-by-way-of-Bloomington Dolphins. And they can afford to pay for said network.

-- Speaking of that, the BigTen Network couldn't have chosen a better game to make their debut than this one. Good call.

Zippy_2 Let us hope the Akron Zips makes the network 2-for-2 in the upset department as they are televising Saturday's game at the Horseshoe (that means Akron is visiting Ohio State at Ohio Stadium. And I'm rooting for the Zips. As usual.)

-- Here's another nugget of information you really only get here: BigTen announcers Charles Davis and Tom Brennaman have done called their share of upsets lately.

Their past three games: Oklahoma-Boise State (Fox), Ohio State-Florida (Fox) and Michigan-Appalachian State (BigTen). And yes, they're working the Akron game.

-- Back to hockey. Tomorrow.

-- Yes, Mike Van Ryn seemed a little ticked when Michigan Football was brought up today.

-- The Flames unveiled their new Reebok jerseys late Tuesday night and really didn't change a whole lot as you can see below.

Word was Mike Keenan was trying to trade Calgary's Flaming C (go ahead and snicker) logo to Anaheim for Todd Bertuzzi and the rights to the name "Mighty Ducks" and the old Donald Duck logo.

In all seriousness, I like the road whites with the old-school red/yellow C.

OK, flaming C.