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Party Time Panther

PartypantherIf you can't make it to Opening Night (Oct. 4) in New York, the Panthers will hold their official watch party at the Original Steak House and Sports Theater in Coral Springs (not the one in Plantation, although I love going over to Schnellies to watch the games. If you decide to watch the Rangers' game there, tell them G sent ya).

The dancers, mascot, friends of the program will all be there. Assuming food and drink specials as well. Not sure though. Might be worth checking out. Then again, might not. Your call.

-- According to things I've seen, Trina on Fort Lauderdale beach is the official Friday night party place. Says after Friday night games players and such will be gathering there. It's inside the Atlantic Hotel just south of Sunrise on A1A. Nice joint, but don't go in there bummin' around.

-- And then there's the Unofficial Postgame Joint: Quarterdeck Seafood Grille on the corner of Flamingo and Sunrise, just two minutes from the arena. Good people, good times. And they have the NHL Center Ice again this year (and better televisions). Also have the baseball package in case your Indians are playing on the west coast.

Like tonight.