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Time for Camp!

CampVAIL, Colorado -- Greetings from SkiCity, the current home of the Florida Panthers.

Yes, Margate's favorite hockey team is west bound and down, hanging out in one of the world's great places for snow skiing. Only there's no snow. And it's not that cold out (although I do have the fireplace cranking in the hotel room. Have to take advantage of such amenities.)

From what I've heard -- I've been traveling the past 12 hours -- nothing big happened. All but one player passed his physical and is currently in Colorado.

Steve Montador was the only player not to make the trip west, apparently suffering from some sort of back pain. The team decided to keep the veteran d-man back and he's scheduled for an MRI in Broward County sometime on Friday. Will update when I know.

That means the team will be at 42 for the time being.

Vail1 -- See what I mean about the lack of snow? Took this while barreling down I-70 in my rentaGMC. Relax, it was with the Treo so I still had one hand on the wheel.

-- The tap water here is phenomenal. Would bottle it up and sell it, only there's no way people would pay for water in a bottle when you can get it for free. That's just crazy talk.

-- Here's today's schedule. Change of venue from year's past as the world's coldest rink (seriously) in nearby Eagle isn't available. The team will actually practice in Vail proper, at a Dobson Arena.

All times local (meaning Mountain West or WAC or PAC-10. Whatever it is. We're two hours behind Miami time).

Team A: Practice 7-8:30 a.m.; Off-ice 9:15-10
Team B: Practice 8:30-10 a.m.; Off-ice 10:45-11:30 a.m.