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Back in Time

BacktofutureTORONTO -- Ten years ago today, the Panthers suited up for a game against the Rangers.

Game was played in the old Miami Arena. Florida had a goalie wearing No. 34 in net. Name: John Vanbiesbrouck.

Thursday, for the first time since Beezer left the Panthers, Florida had a goalie wearing No. 34: Rookie David Shantz.

New nickname: The Shantzer...

ATTENTION ESPN: Found someone who mangled the Star-Spangled Banner almost as badly as Carl Lewis did back in the day. Lady in Toronto belted out her version of the anthem. Not good. Apparently she won a contest to do the anthems, only didn't bother to tell anyone she didn't know the words. Butchered the song, skipping entire lines. Then she went to her cheat sheet and finished strong.

Roseanne As one Canadian writer quipped, "if this had been in reverse, people here would be going nuts. Front page story across the country.''

She actually did a nice job on O! Canada. So it all worked out OK in the end.

-- Lots of empty seats in the lower bowl of the Air Canada Center. Looks like hockey is in big trouble in this market. Move the team to Nevada!

-- Panthers lead 2-0 going into the second; Rostislav Olesz and David Booth with the goals.

-- Best radio guys in the business, Randy Moller and Bill Lindsay tuned their spare TV into the ALCS. Bless them. And bless slow Manny Ramirez too. 1-0 Red Sox going B1....

-- Mapled Leaves score 24 seconds into the second. It's 2-1 Kitties....

Raptors_2 -- Speaking of hospitality, thanks to Blair for showing me a good time at last night's Raptors game. Toronto's NBA team played a pro team from Lithuania, and I actually enjoyed it. A private box helps one enjoy just about anything. Goldie seemed to have a good time too....

-- Maple Leafs score, it's tied at 2...

-- Panthers do a great job of killing off a penalty...Toronto thrashes FLA with shots, with Mezei breaking his stick and McLean being forced to skate a two minute shift without a skate. Exhusted, the Panthers finally clear...would have been a big goal for Toronto, alas, NO SOUP FOR YOU.


-- Tribe tied things up, it's 1-1...


Need to unplug, go back on batteries (left charger in Sunrise)....enjoy the rest of the game...Tell Goldie and Denis I said hello....


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