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Cheese Wit'

CheesesteakLove a good cheesesteak as much as the next fella, but you aren't going to find one at the Panthers arena/Ikea parking lot near the Tamarac border.

Empty seats? Yes. Ikea trolleys? Yep. Cheesesteak?  No.

Sure, people will say 'G you could go to Miami Scrubs and get a Philly cheesesteak.' And I will tell them 'sure, I could.'

Anyway, no reason for this blog entry except to let folks know that if they stayed home because they were worried about being crowded, well, don't. Come on down. Just a few minutes 'til the puck is dropped and you can have your pick of entire sections. Like 427 for instance, or 432-434 and 401-412 and ... OK, you can enjoy the entire upper deck if that's your wish.

And if you can find a decent cheesesteak, go ahead and smuggle it in.

-- No major changes in the lineup tonight. In a rare case, the Panthers are facing a team's starting goalie instead of the backup. Flyers are starting Martin Biron tonight, then going with Antero 'Ray' Niittymaki tomorrow in 'Hockey Bay USA.'

-- Hockey Bay, of course, is near Green Bay.

Boulerice -- Scratches for the Flyers: Steve Downie and Jesse Boulerice. Don't know what their injuries are....

-- Speaking of suspensions....For some reason we have Channel 7's Deco Drive on a television in the press box. What is up with these people? And I mean the people on TV, not running the press box. I enjoy having the remote as anyone else...seriously, people watch this stuff?

-- The lines: Olli-Zed-Stump; Weiss-Horts-Pelts; McLean-Soup-Stewie; Kreps-Dvo-Meyer

-- Olli sets franchise points mark, ties goals mark @ 2:35 of first period -- FLA 1, PHL 0

-- The Ice Dancers have a calender coming out, shot in the Bahamas. And where was I?

-- Olli all alone as Panthers' all-time goals leader @ 8:56 of first period -- FLA 2, PHL 0

-- Olli at home this season: 4* games, 4 goals, 3 assists, minus-1.

-- Olli on road this season: 5 games, 0 goals, 1 assist, minus-2.

-- Bill 'Mad Guitar' Murphy just introduced Olli as the team's all-time goal leader. Nice ovation from those here...


-- Stats of the period: Steve Montador, five shifts, 3:28;

-- Faceoffs won: FLA 68 percent (a big change from Ottawa where the Sens won 78 percent); Of FLA's 13 shots, Olli has five (and is 2 of 5 with 2 RBI and a run scored).

-- Next month is hat month! Free hats at every November game. That's pretty big in my hat-wearing opinion.

-- More rankings: Yahoo! has the Panthers 25th in their power poll. Might go up if FLA can win this one tonight. And they desperately need to win this one tonight.


-- Oh look, the World Series is about to start. Ughhhhhh....

-- Panthers power play, sponsored by a motorcycle dude, just broke down. Four minutes, a few chances, sure...no goals.

-- Globetrotters coming to town. In March. Ads on scoreboard now. "Hey hon, I think we should buy tickets for the Globetrotters. I know they aren't coming for a few months, but you never know. We need to buy tickets today!''

Jeffrey "I know it's spelled Joffrey but still don't know why" Lupul scores on the power play at 9:35; FLA 2, PHL 1

Pretty goal by Jeff Carter, beats Murphy and Montador at 11:10 of second; FLA 2, PHL 2

Gregory Campbell cans one, sends a shot that dribbles through at 14:16; FLA 3, PHL 2


Soup does it again; Campbell with first two-goal week of career much less game; at 1:59 of 3rd: FLA 4, Phillies 2

Lassie Kukkonen 'for Cocoa Puffs' scores for the Phantoms at 12:46 of the third; FLA 4, PHL 3

Rumor has it, Miami's Sebastian the Ibis is going to do the Soulja Boy here Friday night...

Panthers win, good night from Sunrise. Buckle up everyone and drive careful....


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Section 431 is not for sale. Pick any other section though. Please, help me out sometimes it gets lonely up here.

What are you talking about, G? Deco Drive is a very trustworthy and reputable news progra....uh, never mind.

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