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Halloween Fun

GoldmanEveryone loves to dress up for Halloween, some going as ghosts and goblins, others going as their favorite Cleveland-loving sportswriter.*

* That's Panther PR dude Brian Goldman doing his best impersonation of a Miami Herald hockey writer not named David J.

The Panthers hope to get a few extra trick-or-treaters tonight because of the crummy weather, and actually, celebrating Halloween at the arena is a pretty good idea. I know two years ago we spent Halloween in Philly, and those fans really go into it. Of course, most of them came minus a mask (oh!)

Hats So, this being Halloween, feel free to send in your best costumes -- or what you are wearing today -- and I'll put them up here. Best costume gets a Panthers baseball cap. Hat month is coming up.

Email me at:


-- Here's Steve's entry; Apparently one of the Knights Who Say Nee Steve

-- Here's Annie; One of the Disney Rock Stars...Anniemontana_2


-- Here's Adam. I think it's Adam. And I have no idea what the costume is supposed to be. Put the lotion in the basket? Adam_2

-- Here's Brian. He's going as a Canadian Mountie. Mountie

-- Here's a completely unrelated bobble head, but one that looks a lot like the mountie (so draw your own conclusions there)....'Eight-hundred 5-8-8, 2-3-hundred, Empiiiiiiire...'


-- Here's FSN producer Mitch Rubenstein as Tie Domi, complete w/ black eye. Mitch

-- Also, Tim Graham of the Buffalo News is here. The Sabres' beat writer is dressed up as a dolphins writer for the Palm Beach Post.Timgraham

That's no costume?

-- Here's Jack and Wrigley posing as Darth and Yoda (I think they get the caps)...Jack1



-- Got a few more photos; here's Devin doing that cross-dressing thing: Devin

-- And here's Rian, live from BAC: Rian

-- Will give others time to send in their pics, so I'll decide the winner at a later date.

-- Coming up Sunday in The Herald's NHL Extra: Topic of the Week is favorite Halloween costume. Guess who was a Smurf as a kid. Or Freddie Krugger. Or Dog the Bounty Hunter. And who went to the Panthers' costume party as a prisoner? In 70s garb (OK, that was Olli Jokinen).

-- Back in Time: Here's what was blogged last Halloween. Seemed like a fun enough blog post...

Youse a Scaredy Cat?Pumpkin