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It's Hockey Night. And we're in Canada!

MountieKANATA, Ontario -- Greetings from the Magic City where Hockey Night in Canada is here to broadcast tonight's Sens-Panthers tilt not across the country, but at least across town.

Apparently the Maple Leafs are a staple of Canadian Saturday nights, so they get preference over the lowly defending Eastern Conference champs and their homely opponents from the swamplands.

But there isn't much more Canadian than Hockey Night In Canada, and I'm excited to be part of it.  Well, this might be more Canadian: Timmies

But it's close.

Anyway, there is some news to share with those of you who actually get to watch the Miami-FSU game today (for me, it's Joe Z., Don Bailey II and Da Beast).

-- Tomas Vokoun looked fine in net today, dude's starting. David Shantz is still up and did some extra work after practice, and don't know when he's heading back. Not betting 'The Shantzer' will be on the southbound charter tonight.

-- Rostislav Olesz did nothing in practice today, with Steve Montador taking his place on the third line. JM mumbled that Olesz was fine, but I'm thinking he only did that because all the Ottawa reporters were gathered around. If I'm still betting, I put money that Montador is in the lineup tonight leaving Uncle Rusty free to bring me some popcorn in the press box.

Talked to both players today; Olesz says he hurt his right hand in the Toronto game, and hopes to be able to play. Monty said it's a gametime decision whether he plays tonight, but says he's ready and excited to play with Stumpel and Dvorak. Of course, he added "I'll play anywhere they want me too.''

-- This is pretty Canadian: Molson

-- Speaking of all things Canadian, bought a maple syrup lollypop last night. Yes, I'm serious. It looked pretty good, in fact, still does. Holding off on it though. Hope it gets through customs.

-- Also finally found Diet Dr. Pepper at the Toronto Westin the other day. The Rexall Drugs sells it too. Jackpot!

-- Speaking of news, Ray Emery starts in net tonight for the Congressmen. Emery has had wrist problems and makes his first start of the season. Martin "Don't Call Me Baby" Gerber is 6-1* in net for the State Representatives so far this season.

(*) Good catch Captain Chaos Domdedomdom

-- I know Jim Carrey is Canadian, but didn't know he spoke French. On TV right now (instead of a college football game with any sort of redeeming value): The Truman Show. In French. Learning some new words. It's this or Miami of Ohio vs. Temple.

Sure you'd take the French Truman Show too.

Bon Jour!

Hockeynight-- Seriously, it's a bad year for MIAMI football. The Hurricanes have lost two straight to below-average teams, the Dolphins might not be able to beat a CFL team, and the Miami University Redhawks from Oxford OH trail Temple (TEMPLE!) by 14.

Guess we all have to start rooting for the Northwestern HS Bulls.

-- Got a couple of emails regarding the top picture of the Canadian Mountie. Here are some answers: It's a bobblehead we found in a side store last night in the Ottawa market area; no, it's not the guy who covers the team for the Palm Beach Post, although I now see the resemblance; I do not know what a Texas county mountie is doing in Arkansas.

If you understand that last line, you are a true fan of 1970s kitsch.