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Live from New York, It's Opening Night!

SaturdaynightNEW YORK -- Don't really have a monologue, and I'm not pimping my newest movie. Just visiting 30 Rock getting ready for a little hockey.

Good vibe here in the Windy City, folks seem jacked about this Rangers team. Good for them. They should be. This is a great offensive team with great goaltending. The defense? Yikes. Different story here. So it'll be interesting to see what happens.

A lot of Met fans will be tuning in tonight, because, what else do they have to do in October? The Yankee fans might have a wary eye tuned west to Cleveland, but hopefully, they'll be watching hockey soon enough too.

-- As expected, JM didn't want to get into his one-worded comment to Dan LeBatard's question about the Luongo trade. Basically said that was two years ago, let's start this season. But when asked if he regretted making the comment, JM said no, he was just answering a question posed to him. So there you are.

-- As you all know, Kamil Kreps was recalled from Rochester, and he'll center the fourth line. He's joined by David Booth and Rob Globke. Says in Rochester camp, he's been paired with Anthony Stewart and Dan Collins.

-- D Noah Welch will be the healthy scratch tonight. He spent a lot of time after practice working with Mike Kitchen. On the other side of the ice, Guy Charron was putting Richard Zednik through the paces. No update on Zed just yet.

Berthalloween -- Got some emails from people commenting on my radio work last night on 790 da ticket. Thanks for the kind words, and yes, I've heard the old 'face for radio' comment before. The ESPN Zone was a pretty good place to hang out with some friends from the NHL media relations department and watch baseball. OK, we mostly watched hockey. Seriously! That Sens/Leafs game was pretty entertaining. So was the Ducks/Wings. Nice goal by Bertuzzi. He's pretty good on Opening Night.

-- OK, in my seat ice-side at the Garden. They call it the world's most famous arena, although Philips Arena in Atlanta gets that honor from me. Everyone knows about that place!

-- Great seats here at MSG, although to get here, I first had to be harassed by Isiah Thomas. Can't say I enjoyed it. I know he and Magic shared a peck on the cheek during the 1989 Finals, but at least he could have shaved before he tried saddling up to me. Itchy.

-- Yes, I have the Indians game on. 1-0 Yanks.

-- A little info you'll probably only get here (since the FSN telecast hasn't started): number change for two Panthers. Radek Dvorak goes from 19 to 14; David Booth gets rid of 46 in exchange for Pavel Bure's No. 10; Dale Earnhardt Jr. gives up 8 for 88.

-- Can someone answer me this: Why does MSG have purple and teal seats? Looks like they came out of Miami Arena or something. Still, love this place. Great venue -- one of the best in the league.

-- Why do people cheer when the lights go down? Oh, and game is scheduled to start at 7, but word is the puck ain't dropping until 7:19. So settle in folks.

-- Officials tonight: Kerry Fraser, Gord Dwyer, Darren Gibbs, Andy McElman.

-- Tribe ties it up 1-1...

-- Rangers coming out through the smoke. Just like the Hurricanes, only minus the Orange Bowl.

-- This joint is rocking. Brian Leetch just dropped the ceremonial puck, the anthem was wonderfully done, and it's hockey night in the Big Apple.

-- GAME ON....(Tribe leads 3-1)

-- First Potvin sucks 35 seconds in; first Rangers goal 37 seconds....