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The Pen is Mightier for $500, Alex

Jeopard_2 Somewhere near OTTAWA, CANADA -- Question time.

If you are ever on a game show, and are asked "please name the capital of Canada," take a deep breath and think.

Toronto, of course, first comes to mind. The area known as 'T.O.' or 'G.T.A.' is the Centre of Canada, but it is not the capital.

Montreal is a popular guess, sure. It's the home to Youppi! and the Argonauts -- ha! I know the name of Montreal's hockey team is 'Alouettes.'

But Montreal isn't even the capital of Quebec. That would be Quebec City, home of the Nordiques.

No, the actual capital of Canada is....


Good luck on that game show.

PS: The Panthers play in OTTAWA tonight.

PPS: Before anyone emails me, G.T.A. means Greater Toronto Area and T.O. stands for Terrell Owens.