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Toronto Marlins

MarliesTORONTO -- Went to Florida's practice just outside of downtown Toronto; held at the Ricoh Coliseum, home to the AHL's Toronto Marlins.

Don't know why they are called the Marlins, but word is the junior team here is called the Marlboros, and I guess being named after a Florida fish is better than being called a cigarette.

Truth is, I don't know what a Marlie is, just assumed they misspelled Marlins is all. So I'm sticking with that and ignoring that Marlboro is a name synonymous with English nobility. And good, light tasting cigarettes with less tar and nicotine than the other leading brand!

Some news came out of the session; Branislav Mezei is back in the lineup tomorrow against the Leaves, replacing the injured Noah Welch. According to JM, Welch is flying back to SFla today to be looked at by team doctors. Welch has a dislocated shoulder suffered when he hit the ice after throwing down in Tuesday's victory at Montreal.

JM does not know how long Welch is going to be out.

-- JM adds Steve Montador will probably not play on this trip despite Monty's claims of being 100 percent. JM says look for Montador to come back from his knee injury Wednesday against the high-flying Phlyers.

-- Tomas Vokoun took the day off after making 36 saves and beating the Habs. Lazy.

-- Speaking of Philadelphia, that 4-0 loss last night was indeed Bob Hartley's final game as coach of the Thrashers. JM says the firing of his fellow divisional coach is disappointing, yet part of the game. Hartley apparently wasn't very popular with his players, with some whispers that this Atlanta team was tanking it to get Hartley canned. Don't know if I believe that; I do think ATL is better than they've shown, but I picked them to finish fifth in the SE for a reason.


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"Tomas Vokoun took the day off after making 36 saves and beating the Habs. Lazy."

Great stuff George. Last night's win was amazing even on radio only. I've really been enjoying your Panthers coverage so far this year. Tell me something, do you enjoy a good cup of Tim Horton's when your north of the border?

Actually it is the Marlies which was an old school professional and then junior hockey team.

Or is that a play on words? I get confused easily.

Just joking around GR I like to be a pain in the arse!

JD: If you read this blog with any sort of regularity, you know I enjoy a cup of Timmie's coffee each day in Canada. I don't even drink coffee, except when I go up there. Like Steve says, you get programmed up there. 'Gotta go to Timmies...Gotta go to Timmies...' People will stand in line at that place no matter how long it gets. There must be some kind of narcotic hidden in those coffee beans. That said, I brought a bunch of it home with me.

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