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Well, Hooray for the Douglases!



Took another day off today, not because I really needed it, but a buddy came into town and wanted to hit the links.

Said friend is Raleigh News-Observer writer Luke DeCock, the man who covers every move the Carolina Hurricanes make.

If you know anything about either of us, then you know it was 18 holes full of movie lines -- most of which were obscure comments from Caddyshack. And Ghostbusters, Fletch, 16 Candles and a few other 1980s comedies.

Good times. And at times, good golf.

At least I laughed (E5).

-- There is some news out of Pantherland however. According to people who were there today, the big shakeups on the lines apparently will carry over into Wednesday's game against Carolina. The new top line: Olli, Nathan and Ville.

-- News out of Rochester; new d-man Jassen Cullimore tells Kevin Oklobzjia of the Democrat-Chronicle he's with the Amerks just to get into game shape. Adds Florida gave him a one-way deal.

"They said they've got a spot in Florida and if things looked good I'd get my chance,'' he said. Again, read between the lines and you have to think Noah Welch is leaning toward getting the surgery. That's just speculation on my part, however, he hasn't told me anything.

-- Drew Larman also has a seperated shoulder, out at least a week.