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Yo Yo Toronto

JoecarterTORONTO -- Greetings from the Greatest City in the World (not really) where the Panthers have gathered and will try to play a full game tomorrow.

Florida was not charged with grand larceny in Montreal, although there has been an investigation launched after the Panthers escaped the Capital City with a victory despite being outplayed throughout.

It's called payback. Two years ago Florida outplayed the Habs for 50-plus minutes, then lost its lead in the final minutes before losing in a shootout. Last year, Alex 'Coyote Ugly' Auld shutout Montreal for 65 minutes, then lost in a shootout.

So forgive the Panthers if they don't cry any tears for Montreal today. They got the win; that's all that matters -- to an extent. Florida's lack of intensity is troubling as it seems to happen far too often.

-- Hard to believe this team is riding a three-game win streak. Don't think there's a lot of confidence there as one might expect. Honestly, Florida very easily could have lost to Tampa Bay on Saturday and should have lost Tuesday. Don't want to be a spoilsport, but this team still has some kinks to work out.

-- Practice today at the old Coliseum, home of the Marlies. Going to find out the extent of Noah Welch's shoulder injury, as no one expects him to play here tomorrow. Guess he can watch his Red Sox from the comfort of the locker room.

-- Oh yeah: Go Tribe.

-- Congrats to old pal Bernie Kosar on his Indians; he's also bringing arena football to C-Town. A natural fit. Arena football in Cleveland is going to work.