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Channel One

OlnpumpkinFor those of you in the know, tonight's game is being broadcast on the "Versus" network.

Came into the press box early tonight, heard one worker radio another "hey, what channel is Versus on?" Good question. Answer: It didn't matter. All the TVs were already tuned to the network.

Good to see the Versus folks here at the arena, and as usual, good timing. A Monday game against a Southeast Division team. Might be a good game, but definitely going to see some empty seats on the high-def broadcast.

Can hear it already: "Does anyone go to the games down there?" Yeah, just not on Monday's apparently. Someone close to the Panthers just told me they ought to close the upper deck and put everyone down low. And I've actually seen it worse.

-- Richard Zednik is out tonight, sick as a Cat can be.

Herb -- Tanner Glass to make his NHL debut, wearing No. 37. Last to wear that number, and wear it with pride: Trevor Kidd. And, oh yeah, Herbert Vasiljevs. Totally forgot about Herb. He was the man.

-- Jassen Cullimore, it should be known, is wearing No. 22. Dino Ciccarelli has called, asking the Panthers to freeze his number until they can retire it. They say it's under advisement.

-- I made that up.

-- Pretty good pregame show on Versus: Motocross highlights! I know I'm fired up for hockey after watching this.   

-- Cam Ward in net for the Tar Heels.

-- Now Versus is giving us marathon highlights....it keeps getting better and better!

-- This is the Panthers only national television appearance. Hope you all enjoy it....

-- Except in Canada. The Panthers are on national TV up there all the time.

-- Good job by the kids from the Blake School who sang the blog. Thought the kiddies sounded like they were from Great Britain. Close. Plantation.

-- OK, my bad Versus; this is a pretty entertaining game....

-- It's come to this: The Panthers had a plastic, inflatable, dancing banana at the game tonight. And it was pretty entertaining. Peanut Butter Jelly time? You bet!

-- Nice goal by Stumpel. I mean seriously. I've seen him put more on some of his passes. Still can't believe Cam let that one through. Anywho, it's 1-0 Panthers. The Herald says I'm going to have to do live blogs soon, so I have to keep them updated. And then I forget to put the score in. But, I did mention the inflatable dancing banana.

So, I ask you: Who isn't in the know?

-- UPDATE: Denis Potvin in the Versus booth....

-- And the Carolina Ale House ties it up at 1; Justin Williams from the slot...


Just had the Devil Rays -- oops, just Rays -- mascot out here. Those new unis are uglier in person.



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A party isn't a party without a dancing banana.

awe man zednik still out...we still suck

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