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Eight was Enough

VanpattenYes, that's Dick Van Patten in the photo to the left. Goes right along with the theme -- and headline -- of this post.

So what does Dom DeLuise have to do with the NHL changing its scheduling format?

As some of you loyalists probably know: Absolutely nothing! But when searching for a Dick Van Patten photo to go with your 'Eight is Enough' headline and you come across a photo of said Mr. Van Patten and Sr. DeLuise (and you're an idiot like me), well, you run with it.

Or in this case, kind of walk with it.

That said, big night for the NHL. The GMs, as expected, voted to go back to the old way of scheduling. That means -- uh huh -- no more eight games against divisional foes.

The divisions will stay the same, but teams will only play six times a season -- three home, three away. Conference foes (say: Florida vs. Rangers) will go four times a year, same as usual.

Big difference is, teams will play each team in the opposite conference once -- one year at home, the other on the road. So, for the Panthers, that means if Florida plays host to Vancouver in 2007-08, that means the Cats are going to Vancouver the following season.

The other difference is, there will be three wild-card games. So that means the Cleveland Browns might make the playoffs this season.

-- Other big news out of the GM meetings is that the local ownership deal in Nashville went through. That means the Preds stay in Music City for at least the next three seasons. If it doesn't work after this, well, I guess it just doesn't work.

-- Good to see that Roberto Luongo fella is doing OK in Vancouver. Louie set the Vancouver record for most consecutive shutout minutes tonight just before he set the franchise record with three straight shutouts. Yep, the Fighting Luongos shut out the Columbus Explorers 2-0 tonight at GM Place.

Lukas Krajicek (remember him?) got Vancouver's second goal late in the second period and the Blue Jackets couldn't answer.

Chaos -- And anyone who doesn't like Dom DeLuise, well, isn't a person I want to know to be quite honest...