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Fuel, Meet Fire

TortsTAMPA -- Bolts coach John Tortorella has never shied away from controversy, and this morning, said the Panthers were whining about Nick Tarnasky's hit on Mike Van Ryn on Monday night.

Tortorella said Tarnasky shouldn't have received anything, much less five minutes for boarding, nor a 10-minute misconduct (that was probably for punching Bryan Allen while he was being held back by a ref, but whatever).

Torts even used Denis Potvin as an example in his pregame press conference, saying the league has gone soft.  He says in Denis' day, players expected to be hit and how a player took a hit was a big part of how the game was played. Now, he says, players don't expect to be hit.

You can see the press conference in its entirety at tampabaylightning.com

The fun stuff -- and this is being relative -- doesn't come until the end.

-- Looks like things are heating up between the Panthers and at least two of their division rivals, no?

Stuff like this -- and Divegate in Carolina -- only fuels the passion and stokes rivalries. I love it.


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can't believe someone would accuse the panthers of WHINING. guess they have to be good at something because they sure are lousy on the ice. not that anyone would notice. am i the only one that reads this blog other than your mum?

you're not the only person that reads the blog...you might be the only idiot, though.

the fuel certainly didn't add much fire for the panthers tonight. what a poor effort. lazy, lazy, lazy. when is nathan horton going to get his head out of his ass? i'm still waiting.....

Let's face it, this is just another Panther team with no heart and no guts.

They rarely have someone in the slot taking the punishment needed to score goals, when they do amazingly they score.

Then on defense it is turnover after turnover, whether it is the d-men's fault of the wings moving too far forward before the puck is under control is open to debate (it is a little of both), the d-men do not clear out the slot.

Barry Melrose is correct when he says are defensemen are mediocare.

Thank God for Volkoun at least he sees what we have been seeing since the team moved to Sunrise more days coasting then playing hockey.

JM, you need to clean house bring up these kids we are hearing about and lets build this team with character and heart two things that have been missing for far too long in this organization

David hitting nail on head! Add taking stupid penalties.

Yeah, the Panthers are soft. Really a shame because they arent a small team. But since when was a player sucker punching another player who is tied up by two officials every ok to do in "the old days". The thing is that it wouldnt happen in the old days. Turtle needs to get his head out of his ass. Tarnasky is a punk pure and simple. I think that JM really does need to keep looking for that enforcer. Maybe those days are over but seems like this soft, heartless Panthers club really needs one. Was Darcy Hordichuk really any worse a player than some of these guys we put on the ice? I mean c'mon. Atleast he had a heartbeat.

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