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Lost in Atlanta

About to leave Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Douglas Pepsi-Cola Airport, and have been getting plenty of nasty-sounding (worded) e-mails of late.

Why can't the Panthers win you ask? I don't have the answers. This team should have won Tuesday's game, and pkayed well enough to win Monday.

Yet they only got one point. What's a hockey fan to do? Honestly, relax. If the Panthers play like this on a nightly basis, they are going to be fine.

If they are still going like this in two weeks, well, we'll talk again.

Time for takeoff, good day.


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I was definitely beside myself for a little while after last night, but now I have gained perspective.

I have 3 basic goals for the team right now.
1. Win at least 4 games in November
2. Win a game at RBC Center
3. Win a game at Philips Arena

Hey-ho whaddaya know we can accomplish two of these by the end of the week with the same level of effort we had Monday and Tuesday.

We have 3 games against the Caps in the next 2 weeks. And 1 against the Bruins. We can easily win all 4 of these games (no offense to Tarik in Washington).

Plus, we can take care of the Carolina thing this Saturday on the Revenge Tour.

We'll have plenty of time to panic, but now ain't the time.

If we were getting trounced in game after game I would be less po'd but more panicked. The aggravating part is that we have lost 3 points in the last 72 hours off of flukey goals we "put" into our own net.

I hear ya catfan, this is [insert your favorite cliche here].

But, I believe there are some "fans" who want to flip the table and start rebuilding now. We haven't even hit the 1/4 pole yet. Those are the ones who are panicking.

We can act like cheerleaders all we want, but the point is that the games in November count just as much as the games in March-April. Keep giving away the points now, & the next thing you know you are in 13th place in March, trying to figure out how you're going to jump over 5 teams (who are usually playing each other, so someone is going to get 2 points) in order to get into the playoffs. If you doubt this, just take a look at the past 6 Panther seasons.

I don't think anyone is being a cheerleader. This team has major mental problems when it comes to closing out teams, winning games late. JM can do anything he wants when it comes to brining in sports shrinks and trips to the mountains. None of it has worked mainly because these guys have to have that deep inside them. I don't know why they panic with a minute left; I don't know why they are in these positions to begin with. This team does not have a killer instinct and it has hurt them. But confidence comes with winning, as we have seen in the later stages of past seasons. Too little too late? Could be the song again.

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