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It All Makes Sense

RaymondRaymond, the goofy mascot of the Tampa Bay whatever-they-are-called-these Rays, attended Monday's Panthers/Hurricanes game in Sunrise.

Now we all know why.

According to the website theonion.com, the Rays have given up baseball and are taking up playing hockey. Hard to believe this wasn't posted somewhere else, but the Rays are now a minor league affiliate of the Panthers.

"These changes will make our team more marketable, triple our fan base, and finally, give us a realistic chance to win. I can't wait to get back on the ice!" outfielder turned goalie Ray Crawford said. According to the report, the Dolphins have turned to hockey as well.

Check out the 'report' here: SPECIAL THANKS TO DAVID J. FOR THE HEADS UP

-- Not much news out of Panthers. Bryan Allen in, Cory Murphy out. Got some other stuff, but it's so minor I already forgot.

-- Hey Dave: Panthers ranked 24th in most recent TSN poll. What you think of that?