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Money Talks

MoneyForbes came out with its latest franchise rankings today, with -- no surprise -- the Maple Leafs being the NHL's most valuable teams.

I don't know if they are printing money at Air Canada Center, but they might as well be. Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment has its hands in many a pot, and are beneficiaries of a strong Canadian dollar to boot. Who knows what will happen if this team ever wins on a consistent basis.

Now, before we go to far, you have to know the league and their teams will put down the Forbes report and call it inaccurate. They always do. So, for that reason alone, I believe it.

The Panthers are ranked 23rd, worth $151 million -- six percent more than last year. Having a favorable arena lease in Sunrise is a big factor here. According to the report, the team had revenues of $67 million last year, but lost $7.1 mil.

To read the entire report, there are some interesting numbers here, check out this link: big money pimpin

Some thoughts: The Lightning are the division's most valuable team at $199 mil, and they are being sold. Carolina, despite winning the Cup two years ago, lost $7.5 mil last season; aside from Tampa, the only SE team to make money last year was the Caps, who came in with a cool mil.