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Party on Wayne...[UPDATES in bold/italic]

Garth_2 ATLANTA -- The Panthers made a minor roster move today, picking up forward Garth Murray off waivers from Montreal. Murray, a role guy who has played in 100 games for Montreal and the Rangers, will replace Brett McLean.

According to JM, McLean is going to be out 4-6 weeks.

Murray, 25, is a former third round pick of the Rangers and made his debut with the Blueshirts in 2003-04.

Murray isn't going to be in the ATL for tonight's game, and may need some conditioning since he hasn't played much this year.

He broke his foot in a game against the Panthers earlier this year, and hasn't played since. The Habs assigned him to Hamilton of the AHL for a conditioning stint, and Florida snagged him on re-entry waivers. Montreal pays half of his salary this season.

Says JM: With the injury to McLean – who is out four to six weeks – we picked up a guy who is a role player, is gritty, brings some energy and can be a physical presence. It’s an opportunity because we didn’t have to give anything up. I just think he’s more ready to play at this level than some of our kids who have been playing at Rochester.

Don't expect McLean in for a bit. JM says there are immigration things to work out, so it could be a week -- maybe more -- before he gets cleared.

-- Speaking of updates, since tonight is a radio-only game (yes, even for those of you with Centre Ice), I will do a live blog. And I promise to keep going through the third period unless work calls (like it did last night, obviously)...

-- Also, according to the Hurricanes, Erik Cole was released from Cleveland Clinic last night and was able to fly home on the team charter. So, some good news there, obviously.

-- Was just in Charlotte. The Bobcats are giving away water bottles to fans at tonight's Heat game. So, if you're in the neighborhood, you might want to check out Shaq and the boys.

-- And congrats to C.C. Sabathia for winning the 2007 Cy Young Award. Heck of a season for the Tribe. Already looking forward to spring training.