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Orange Friday

Dscn0336 On the eve of the Hurricanes' final game in the Orange Bowl, I offer up some Panthers news.

First off, Anthony Stewart's return to the Panthers was shortlived; he was sent back to the minors today with Jassen Cullimore coming up from Rochester. Cullimore wasn't at practice today, but we're talking to him before the game. Will update if anything good comes of interview.

Tomas Vokoun back in net tonight; no shock there. He's been playing well.

Going to be a sad evening in the Bowl tomorrow. If you have some good stories or pictures from your time in the Bowl, feel free to forward them. I'm thinking of running something on Monday.

Go ahead and sent all pics and stuff to:


Let's all have some fun out there tomorrow. Instead of a funeral, let's have a party!

Later on....