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EmptiesOK, we know South Florida is pretty sad as a sports region, but Monday night's turnout at BAC was pretty pathetic even by Broward standards.

Here come the Panthers, the only pro team in South Florida with a win this fall season, drawing the proverbial flies to their game against cross-state "rival" Tampa Bay.

How empty is it? Sections 412 and 429 are completely empty. Not a person in them. There's only a handful of people in the other seats in the upper bowl. The Panthers were to give out caps to the first 10,000 fans, so lets figure they have about 4,000 left (they are nice caps).

The only game that has drawn well this season was the home opener against Jersey. The crowd last week was sad. Carolina's Erik Cole was jokingly asked by News-Observer beat guy Luke DeCock about the bad calls, and how the home team seems to catch the breaks. "An intimidating building like this? You're going to get those calls at home."

-- Olli is playing in his 500th game as a Panther tonight.

-- Martin St. Louis scores, on assists from The Cavalier and Florida's Other Richards. Tampa's Big Three indeed.

-- If you do decide to come to a Panthers game in the coming days, bring some food with ya. The non perishable kind, that is. The Panthers are having a food drive and donations to the food bank can be dropped off at the arena. Another good cause. Just leave the canned beets at home. You're the only one who likes them.

-- Mini Stanley got her own mini ATV. Saw it downstairs. Nice ride for a small cat.

-- Relax, Ville just tied 'er up. Midway through the first, FLA 1, TBAY 1