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Thanksgiving Pink Slip

HanlonJust got back in town and got word that another Southeast Division coach has found the unemployment line.

Glen Hanlon, who I thought has done a pretty nice job with the Caps, didn't survive the team's rough start and was fired today. Actually, the Caps started off 3-0, fueling some pretty high -- and probably unattainable -- expectations.

Of course, the Caps haven't played well at all lately, and the small but vocal fanbase in D.C. made it clear they weren't happy. The 'Fire Hanlon' chants were loud Monday against the Panthers, although they went away as the Caps picked up their game in the third and almost tied things up after being down 4-1. No such luck Wednesday night as the Thrashers -- who at 0-6 fired Bob Hartley and have been on a tear ever since -- dropped and rolled the Caps by a 5-1 score.

So, fans in D.C. look at the newfound success in ATL and think they can get something similar. I seriously doubt it.

Happy Thanksgiving Glen; at least you can be thankful you don't have to deal with the mess that is the Capitals anymore.

Of course, this had to happen. The team has won just two of their 10 home games this season, and according to Tarik of the Washington Post, their 13 points through 21 games are the lowest in 26 years. Yeah, someone is going to lose their job after a start like that. Here's Tarik's gamer from last night. I can feel for some of those guys. They know they got their guy canned. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Y'ALL

Here's Tarik's blog if you want to keep up with the latest on the Caps. Says the assistants have been retained. WE'LL BE IN DC NEXT WEEK

-- Well, I'm shutting down the computer and heading to the Pines. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy the turkey and the football.

See you all tomorrow.