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We're No. 1, #$@!$*&!

MiamitafficWith apologies to the Miami Northwestern Bulls, this is one sorry time for South Florida sports.

So it's nice to be No. 1 in something.

Even if that top ranking comes in road rage.

According to a report by AAA (the car folks, not the Albuquerque Isotopes), Miami/Fort Lauderdale has the rudest drivers -- those who show like no courtesy at all -- in the entire U-S-of-A.

Riles That's something to be proud of folks, especially since it's a repeat victory. Hey Riles, how about a three-peat?

See, I enjoy my road rage. It's therapeutic. When I get stressed out, I just jump in the car and hit the highway. I like to turn up the music, roll down the windows and yell at people when they do stupid things.

Hey, we all need something to deal with the stress. Panthers goalie Tomas Vokoun seems to like talking to the South Florida media. We have become his therapy. Ask one question (Tomas, how are you doing today?) and out comes the pain. I feel for him. These last minute losses are really starting to get to him.

Maybe he should take a ride. Like down the Turnpike extension toward FIU, or across the 836 toward Miami International.

Then those broken assignments and meltdowns in the Florida zone won't seem so bad.

A few shakes of the fist and pounding of the horn can feel good.

And, yup, we're No. 1 in something darn it!