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Breaking News: Rain

GenekellyATLANTA -- Woke up this morning, rain pouring down onto the streets in downtown Atlanta.

A rare sight, this rain. The drought ravaged region definitely needs the wet stuff.

But a rarer sight this morning was a quick glance at the NHL standings. The Panthers, the FLORIDA Panthers, are not only sitting in second place in the mighty Southeast Division, they are knocking on the door and ready to move into a tie for first.

You heard right bunko; The Panthers are a win away from tying the Carolina Wolfpack for first place in the division.

Got some good stuff from Radek Dvorak about this last night, but I haven't transcribed the tape and it's too noisy here at Atlanta's Hartfield Jackson Chipper Jones Dominique Wilkins Hank Aaron Chicken Man Sonny Purdue International Airport. Once I go through the tape -- OK, it's digital -- will post here.

The Panthers are feeling good about themselves right now, and why not. Are they winning pretty? No. But they are getting the job done. Do you realize the Panthers have gotten points in seven of the past eight games. And the only game they lost in regulation during this recent stretch came to the best team in hockey -- the Red Wings.

-- I thought Mack Brown was a goofball until I heard his stepson interviewed on ESPN after the Holiday Bowl. Goodness.

-- Speaking of ESPN, nice shirt Hank. Seriously, talk about an outfit made for radio...

-- Don't know who is in net tonight. Would bet on Vokoun, but you never know with JM.

-- If the Panthers win tonight, JM moves to 10th all-time on the NHL wins list. Getting in some rarefied air right now, starting to pass some big names.