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Hockey Night in South Florida

Hnic1 It's not often that Canada's biggest television sensation this side of Little Mosque on the Prairie, Corner Gas or the the duct tape show* -- yes, Hockey Night in Canada -- originates from the swamplands of Florida, but it is tomorrow.

Which is pretty cool.

Think of tomorrow's game telecast as a two-plus hour infomercial for South Florida tourism. You know they are going to have plenty of shots of the beach, the South Beach nightlife and may even toss in some hockey.

Anything to divert attention from the Maple Leafs who have lost three straight but probably should be riding a two-game winning streak into the 954. Leafs blew a shot at an empty net in Carolina the other night and ended up losing in overtime. Last night, the Bolts snapped their own three-game losing streak by scoring in the final minute to beat the TOs.

The Panthers are a pretty good story these days, what with them being in the thick of the playoff race and within leaping distance of first place in the Southeast Division. The Panthers should be thinking about putting on a good show, at least to keep Don Cherry off their backs for a night.

(*) There really is a show called Little Mosque on the Prairie. It's one of the most popular shows on the CBC. And there is a very popular Canadian show about some dude and duct tape. I forget the name of it. Actually not bad shows. Better than all the stupid reality shows we have here in the states.

And Corner Gas may be corny, but its grown on me.

-- Speaking of goofy TV, yours truly is expected to be on FSN with Craigervini during tomorrow night's telecast. That alone is reason to try and get the CBC feed.

-- Was at practice today. Good vibe around the team these days. Shocking, eh?

-- For those that asked about the mystery pucks and sticks on sale tomorrow, Ali from the Panthers Foundation told me they can be purchased outside of Section 134. That's in the lower level. And, again, it's for a good cause.

-- Carolina's Justin Williams probably messed up his knee pretty good when Rostislav Olesz inadvertently fell on him last night. Williams didn't travel with the team to Tampa Bay and instead went back to Raleigh. Williams has a history of knee problems.

-- David Booth did not practice today, he's out against the Leafs. JM hopes he can come back by the Atlanta game.

-- Also, those of you interested can watch tomorrow's morning skate at the BAC. Gots to go through Pantherland to do so. Also, Cats are scheduled to practice at 11 a.m. at Incredible Ice on Boxing Day -- err, Dec. 26.

-- Speaking of Boxing Day, the World Juniors kick off that day. Any interest down here? I love watching the World Juniors. Lots of exciting games. NHL Network is going to be carrying a lot of those games in the states. More coverage than usual, anyways.