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Storm Warning

CanesignDo the Panthers leave or do they stay?

Hurricane warning flags are up throughout South Florida.

But enough about the nationally-ranked University of Miami basketball team.

The hockey team from Tobacco Road is in town, ready to take another win back to North Carolina. Will the Panthers stop them this time? Carolina has owned the Everglades cats ever since the end of the lockout. Carolina won five of eight in 2005-06, seven of eight last year, and three of the first four this season.

If the Panthers are going to be considered a realistic threat to win this conference, they're going to have to get past Carolina. And beating Atlanta a few more times wouldn't hurt either.

-- David Booth skated today before practice, but is out once more.

-- According to JM, Mike Van Ryn had some ligament repair on his right wrist, and get this, is expected to be back within eight to 10 weeks. Nice if true, will talk to Mike tonight hopefully.

-- Also, JM says nothing was found during Cory Murphy's bone scan of his injured shoulder. Still, no one knows when he'll come back.

-- For those of you who still need to do some shopping, good luck finding parking at Sawgrass. Tip: Go tomorrow morning if you must. After lunch, the place is a zoo.